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  1. To be honest I can''t see what all the fuss is about ,the armed forces have been doing this sort of thing for years ,last year I was on Portland in Dorset and there was an exercise involving a dozen Royal Navy Helicopters and the SBS ,these aircraft were on open land with the rotors turning ,no fences but no one really took an notice apart from a few tourists So what do you do if an airliner is hijacked ?? do you shoot it down ?? or let it crashed into a packed sporting venue ,the logical answer is to shoot it down and hope it doesn''t do too much damage ,although in London this is unlikely ,although during the second world war I doubt there were many complaints from londoners about fully laden bombers being shot down over the capital ,and don''t forget these were not state of the art AAA we are talking about ,most of the shell and shrapnel fell all over london ,and are still being found today ,my dad as a boy used to collect them ,as well as a live incendary bomblet which may still be in his dads old house in Putney some people say it is the start of the militarism of London ,well London being the capital always has had a strong Military presence ,I can think of atleast three Army barracks in the capital The starstreak system itself is one of many deployed along with stingers missiles and the rapier system ,plus the Typhoons on QRA at RAF Northolt of course non of these systems would stop some nutter from Luton getting on a bus and detonating himself .
  2. [quote user="Larson E Whipsnade"]Brewery workers have just called a nationwide strike. I advise you all to stock up and panic buy at your local pub asap.[/quote] is it legal to store Guinness in a jerry can ?
  3. And now some daft yorkshire lass has set fire to herself , a little bit of compo anyone ?? she and her family are bound to blame the goverment http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16199277 Good little sheeple BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. [quote user="Herman "]Where will pulling out of the EU leave us?A small,isolated country on the periphery of anything important?Will the EU still trade with us?Will the French and Germans be glad to see the back of us?Better off in it annoying the French,than being ignored out of it. [/quote]I cant see hoe leaving the EU will effect trade ,the Norwegiens and the swiss both trade with the EU but are not full EU members ,the common market in theory was a good idea ,but the EU political experiment is another thing ,why are there two EU parliment buildings for example ?? why does the whole of the EU have to up sticks once a month to move from Brussels to Strasbourge ??it is bad enough being dictated to by some halfwits in Westminster ,and now we have another bunch in Brussels/Strasbourge doing the same
  5. They will probably make the same mess of privatising the roads as they did the railways ,the road system will get worse whilst the pockets of the road companies will get fatter and fatter ,road deaths will probably go up too ,as they did on the railways
  6. [quote user="nevermind"][quote user="walkern canary"]Well on a map they are only an inch apart ,so from a pen pushers point of view ,yes they are close [/quote]That must be a very small map, walkern canary, its 143 miles, about 2 and1/2 hrs. drive away. Chloe attended York university,  maybe she should have gone to UEA.[/quote] you would be surprised at the mistakes people make when looking at a map ,years ago I used to work as a service engineer ,one of the admin staff in the office was hopeless with maps ,I had to explain to him what the scale at the bottom meant ,he honestly thought Bristol and London were a couple of miles apart ,this chap had been to university too ,probably the same one as that MP
  7. [quote user="nevermind"]This article above comes from Press TV.I agree, we do have an army of battle hardened soldiers, but they should be coming home, not still be dying in Afghanistan. You say that ''it will be difficult without an aircraft carrier or two'', yes it will and because we haven''t got any, the defense of Mount Pleasant would costs more lives. Don''t forget it was Argentinian special forces who laid these mines, they have plans and know where they are if they have not succumbed to the harsh ravages of the South Atlantic weathers.I have no crux with the Argentinians or any other South Americans and you suggestion that ''both the UK and Argentina could both do well out of cooperating '' is more to my liking.Listening to young Hague, Cameron and Clegg talking tough over Iran and Syria could soon mean that the next tranche of recruits will be endangering their lives for Israels foreing policy goals, despite its population being opposed to war. Since last year draft-dodging has become a way to protest about Bibi''s plans.This sort of made up story below, not unlike the 45 minute lies of Bliar taking us into Iraq and causing hundreds of thousands of civilan casualties, are not necessarry unless he''s been told to nudge up the status, whichever way possible. Tonights the beginning of Purim, the Jewish month of cleansing, until 8th. March and US troops are in place. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2111307/Iran-trying-build-nuclear-missiles-capable-hitting-London-Cameron-warns-MPs.html?ito=feeds-newsxml[/quote] The mine fields we have both mentioned were not marked by anyone ,especailly the Argentine engineers who laid them ,it took the Royal Engineers (and some unfortunate sheep) to locate the mine fields ,which are still there ,some marked ,but there are probably a few others unmarked ,anti personel mines are nasty things ,they can lay there for years and will still function as perfectly as the day they were laid ,there are dozens of people killed and maimed in the balkens and Angola who are unfortunate witnesses to this I see what you mean about camoron ,clegg , and vague going on about Iran ,I am surprised no one has mentioned 45 minutes yet ,talk about Deja vu
  8. [quote user="nevermind"][quote user="Shyster"][quote user="Joanna Grey"]The sequels are never as good as the original.[/quote] True, because this sequel would be much shorter than 82''s version of events with an invasion lasting as long as it takes for the sub in the area to target some military targets in Buenos Aires with Tomahawks and press ''fire''.We''ll have to do it the above way for lack of aircraft carriers, hence lack of aircraft.Still, it''ll be swift and save money with fewer lives lost [img]http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/emoticons/emotion-21.gif[/img][/quote]This should have been on this thread yesterday, its the darn OS on here.Whilst the sequel is never as good as the original,  Joanna does not really care. His words not mine.Britain will lose Las Malvinas’ Mon Mar 5, 2012 2:4PM GMT . “You have got to take your own air support with you and you can’t without a carrier. End of story.” Former commander of the Royal Marines Major General Julian Thompson . One of Britain’s most senior military chiefs has warned that Britain would have to surrender the sovereignty of Las Malvinas to Argentina in case a military confrontation over the islands takes place. . Former commander of the Royal Marines Major General Julian Thompson said it would be the “end of story” if Argentina decides to engage in a military confrontation as tensions between London and Buenos Aires grow stronger. , Britain has categorically ruled out the possibility of negotiations over the sovereignty of the archipelago while its military might has been questioned from within the British army. , “The Argentines have a marine brigade. They’ve got a parachute brigade and some good special forces. All they’ve got to do is get those guys on to the islands for long enough to destroy the (RAF) Typhoon jets and that’s the end of it,” said Thompson in an interview with the Times. . You have got to take your own air support with you and you can’t without a carrier. End of story,” said Thompson, who was the commander of land forces in the 74-day war between Britain and Argentina in 1982. . Britain’s Royal Navy will be without an aircraft carrier until HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is supposed to be operative by 2016, enters service. . Britain’s Royal Navy will be without an aircraft carrier equipped with fighter jets for 10 years because of the rising costs of the Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) projects, reported the Telegraph on 2 March. . Furthermore, former head of the British army General Sir Michael Jackson said earlier in January that it would be “impossible” for Britain to re-colonize the islands in a worst-case scenario.[/quote] I have read that piece too ,but the situation is a lot different to than it was in 1982 ,the garrison at Mount pleasant is a lot bigger than the handful of Royal Marines we had down there last time ,yes without an aicraft carrier or two it will be difficult ,and don''t forget ,when was the last time Argentina was involved in a conflict ?? whilst we have an army of battle hardened veterans the Argentines are almost amateurs compaired to our armed forces ,they would be comitting sucide ,for starters they would have to get to RAF Mount Pleasant ,which is several miles in land and well guarded ,plus they would have to get through several minefields which their predecessors laid there back in 1982 Lets hope the Argentine public are not easily fooled by princess botox ,both the UK and Argentina could both do well out of cooperating
  9. [quote user="Julius Sieze-Her"][quote user="pete_norw"]Well it had to happen the country is suffering from the worst drought since 1976, We are an Island ffs, we can spend billions on the Olympics, we can pump oil and gas in from the sea, we can throw up wind farms out at sea, yet No one is brainy enought to devise a water system to pump sea water through a purifacation and into the rivers .  We filter sewers so why not sea water.[/quote] Could it be that the population is becoming too big for the land mass on this small island, with insufficient water to meet the needs of this teeming human horde? This water system you refer to has already been invented, and is called a desalination plant. I believe you can find these plants performing an essential role in supplementing the water supply in places such as Dubai and Malta. Water shortages will affect 35% of the world''s population by 2026. Very frightening. Water is a precious, vital and invaluable commodity. Don''t be wasteful! [/quote]There is a lot of truth in your statement ,where I live in Walkern the River Beane has been low for several years ,nothing to do with the lack of rainfall ,but everything to do with Thames Water sucking it dry ,there are too many people in this country ,especially in the south east ,fifty years ago the River Beane  used to be a good trout river and powered a large water mill ,it is barely a trickle now :(
  10. [quote user="First Wazzock"][quote user="Old Shuck"] Thank God for Aviva, quite frankly. I remember when the shirt sponsorship thing was open to offers, so to speak-and Banham Poultry were mentioned as one of the possibilities.[/quote] I hear 1p5wich are interested in Banham as a shirt sponsor, and I for one would love it. They could have a hen on thier shirts but i''d prefer a huge cock. [/quote]1p5wich many years ago were also sponsored by Fisons ,a fertiliser company ,feel free to make your own jokes How about renaming carrow road "The Mustard Pot " (runs for cover )or perhaps the "Unilever Stadium" as they own Colemans ????But to be honest it should stay as Carrow Road ,I still refer to two of the stands as the south stand and the river end ,even though they were renamed years ago .
  11. Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Must of caught his tail alight can anyone remember where I left my coat??
  12. I watched the game yesterday in my local ,with some friends who are staunch Arsenal fans ,and they said we played superb,we have nothing to be ashamed of,and atleast we only conceaded two goals :)
  13. Does anyone else paly darts on here?? if so who do you play for I play for the White Lion in Walkern ,we won our league last year (when we were the Robin Hood) and won our first game of this season 10/1 so a good start :)
  14. what utter tosh!!! I bet Lamberts off to west ham still too!!! why do they write this drivel???
  15. is there a new breed of canary?? a stealth canary!!!
  16. My best effort was when I played once for a local pub side (they were always short of players!!) I scored direct from a corner,gawd knows how it went in!! gust of wind?? but for a minute there was utter bemusment even the ref stood there for a few seconds in disbelief,I have only done it since in practice,such is life!!!
  17. I think the new shirt looks great, I am glad that they listened to the fans input for once that Bolton shirt looks hideous!!!
  18. [quote user="king canary"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]How are people allowed to publish such inacuracies and get away with it?[/quote]He must have connections at the Daily Mail.[/quote] PMSL funny but true!!! :)
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