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  1. [quote user="tom cavendish"]Like I say, it makes sense that part of the stadium  (regardless of location) is funded by teaching space leased to the UEA (as in the Bristol example which is being used to help fund a new stadium). You can get far more money from that than if leased as office space, and the UEA would likely be reliable long-term tenants. The income would go a long way towards paying for a huge new stand. As for the feasibility of moving to a whole new stadium or staying at CR... VALUE OF CR The site would be of enormous value to Ikea. Ikea don''t have a store in the East but want one. CR would be a logical location for an Ikea store and there are hundreds of apartments (and hundreds more yet to be built) next to the site. LAND If the UEA doesn''t have enough land, then the UEA can probably access finance to purchase additional land. As with the Bristol example, NCFC could lease the land from the UEA for a peppercorn rent. This vastly reduces the cost of a new stadium. This means that the proceeds from CR could be used towards build costs rather than purchasing land. ADDITIONAL REVENUE It makes sense to generate non match-day revenue from a stadium car park, and the UEA do need additional parking spaces that are the equivalent of a stadium car park. Leasing teaching space to the UEA (as explained above). Students using bars etc. on non match-days. Lease a small convenience store at the stadium (to Sainsburys) that would be used by students living on the campus. An increase in the number of students going to matches. It would be logical to have a new stadium near to the UEA Sportspark and turn the area into a hub of sporting excellence sharing facilities. Bigger capacity stadium. An iconic design would attract tourists to a new stadium for tours on non-match-days. Also consider that by moving to a new stadium, there would be no loss in revenue whilst building (whereas if staying at CR the old stand would have to be closed). FEASIBILITY I hope people can see that regardless of whether NCFC stay at CR or have a new stadium, it is logical that NCFC follow the example of Bristol by having a partnership with the local uni to help fund the stadium, and provide the football club with new non match-day income streams. Hopefully people can see the logic in a partnership with the UEA without being abusive towards me for suggesting it. It certainly seems as if McNally thinks it is an idea worth exploring. [/quote]   MENTAL 1. Teaching space, ie labs, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, etc do not fit well into the concourses of a football stadium. Teaching space is usually funded when the design is for actual dedicated teaching space. The UEA have to lease the space to the various schools and faculties, that could be quite a tough sell explaining why studies/exams/etc have to be cancelled due to a playoff final or reserve match 2. Have you even been to the UEA lately? You may have noticed that there are several green bits that do not have buildings on them. This isn''t because they''re waiting to build a football stadium on them, but due to the fact that NOTHING can be built on them due to planning/preservation status. 3. Have you ever been to Sparks In The Park? The fireworks display on Earlham Park next to UEA (not UEA land!) The congestion/carparking/general chaos is just once a year and barely tolerated by local residents. Can''t see 30,000+ people turning up in cars (because lets face it its not in the city and there''s only 1 bus route and 3 single roads in) going down well or running too smoothly. For a start there is no giant car park and building one would wipe out any hope the UEA has of ever reducing its carbon footprint (which is required for some elements of funding). Its just a no go. 4. Security. Imagine 6,000 away fans trampling over everything, chucking litter everywhere, nicking anything of opportunity, hassling students aots. You''d need to CCTV the entire place, have security Thats before we factor in our own support.   In summary, you''re a tit.      
  2. Nice work Frank, good use to stats to back up what I''d always thought. Fox is Key. To me Fox is deffo our Xavi to Surman''s Iniesta and Hoolahan''s Messi.Barcelona don''t got a Holt, or Morison though, so no more comparisons with those fools.Cheers pal.
  3. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]I attended my first game in October 1992. The 2-1 win over QPR. Being very young at the time I remember very little about Walker and his ways of managing i.e. tactics, relationship with the media, his players etc. I do feel, with my own opinion and the opinions of family members and friends who have been Norwich fans and attending games for well over 30-50 years, that Paul Lambert is without doubt the best manager this football club has ever had. What Walker achieved here with the players he had was fantastic! However, Lambert surpasses Mike''s achievements because of where Lambert had to bring our football club from.[/quote]
  4. [quote user="City penguin"][quote user="mikewalker"][quote user="The Jewish Cowboy"]There must be 100s of football clubs that are obsolete now for one reason or another that fans were equally as fanatical about. Sh!t happens, you just hope it never happens to you.[/quote]Its this kinda attitude which would have seen us sit by in ''39. You''d be happy with Borussia Warsaw and Bayern Krakov annexing the UEFA Cup now? You ok with VfB Shrewsbury and Eintract Oldham? Think on eh?[/quote] wouldnt be all bad, would have terracing still, match ticket would be 15DM, would be aloud to drink as much beer during the game as we liked....[/quote]
  5. [quote user="The Jewish Cowboy"]There must be 100s of football clubs that are obsolete now for one reason or another that fans were equally as fanatical about. Sh!t happens, you just hope it never happens to you.[/quote]Its this kinda attitude which would have seen us sit by in ''39. You''d be happy with Borussia Warsaw and Bayern Krakov annexing the UEFA Cup now? You ok with VfB Shrewsbury and Eintract Oldham? Think on eh?
  6. [quote user="Crispy"]I love Hoolahan, he''s a great player to watch & over the last 4 years arguably our most talented. BUT as the title suggests I think it will be him that will get the most direct replacement this transfer window.Since Lambert took over he''s been in & out of the team ..... getting dropped for a few times in a row in League 1, Championship & now the Premier League. Lambert has even tried playing Chris Martin in his position and more recently Pilkington at QPR. Not sure what it is ... maybe his lack of strength or end product but Lambert seems reluctant to build a midfield around him.I genuinely feel Lambert will spend the biggest chunk of money he has so far on a attack minded  midfielder that will leave Wes on the sidelines. This is in no way an attack on Wes ! Just my guess.[/quote]There''s only one Wes Hoolahan pal. He''s the heartbeat of our team. See also Dave Fox. I reckon we''ll scoop up Dan Pacheco in the summer regardless of our status, I think it was only Liverpool frigging about ''loaning'' him to Athletico Madrid who then loaned him on to Vallabolitoz thats scuppered us swiping him this month. 3 club rule hintut.
  7. Get a grip cryarse ffs...you really expected us to bash Spurs?
  8. It was telling that no other club ever came in for Gunn, if he was that good he''d have been off as soon as Chase saw the cheque. Southall, all the ones you''ve listed, Tim Flowers, even Thorsvelt, Srnicek (sp? Newc), Spink, Bosnic, Pressman, Crossley were all acer than Gunn. He was average, it was only the Simon Tracey experience and Mark Walton''s occasional cameo''s that made him seem so good. Even Daz Beckford kept a clean sheet at Sheff Utd one game.
  9. [quote user="spencer 1970"]I''m pleased someone else spotted that one from Bowen. The other classic was that most delicate of all NCFC players Spencer Prior giving the "horse bite" trick to the inner arm of the opposition player by not quite holding their arm in a challenge but nipping it with a hand grip. I remember a few Leicester players all getting the treatment one game...one (can remember who), came running up to him at the end of the game showing him his under arm mark...they both had wry smiles.[/quote]   Lovely spot. Didn''t Prior go on to join Leicester? Bet that was an awkward changing room to begin with. Horse bite reprisals aots.
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Thats basic defending.. google "jockeying" anyone who has ever played a game of football at any level should be able to do it... As for ian Crook, he never volleyed a ball in his life! [/quote]   No, I know jockeying when I see it and this isn''t jockeying. Its almost like he''s trying to beat the attacker to the byline, but by glancing over his shoulder and running at a silly pace Bowen (and now Tierney) was able to bamboozle the opponent into thinking he was a coward for challenges and blip the ball off his heel and away from the attacker.   Crook used to shape to control a ball as it came toward him from the throw in, then would twist and volley it straight up the pitch. I''m 100% sure about this. I used to study his technique and ponder that no-one else in our team was capable of it (these volley passes were usually decent passes) and fretted what we''d do when he retired/left (to my child brain this volley-from-a-throw-in was the very fabric of our football ethos) Turns out relegation and years of utter mediocrity was the answer.
  11. Lovely to see Tierney in the QPR game do the old Bowen trick of running away from his opponent but at slightly slower pace than the winger, so the ball flicked off his heels and he was able to clear. Drury never mastered this, nice to see it reprised. All we need now is Fox to volley the ball up field when receiving a throw-in Crook-style and we''ll be well on our way.
  12. Fair dues, all I can recall from reading in his autobiog is stuff about getting leathered at away games and some guff about headbutting an Oxford player at half time. My grandad never rated him and I reckon his venom has influenced my thinking too much. I reckon you''re spot on about teamwork and defence marshalling.
  13. Correct me if I''m wrong, but Bryan Gunn wasn''t actually that amazing a keeper was he? Obviously, I admire his bravery and commitment to City, his amazing charity work, and I''ll never forget his brave, heroic performance in the 2-1 win over QPR the week after his daughter passed. However, he wasn''t our greatest keeper of all time was he? Weird positioning, unforced error prone, slow to get down to low shots, average distribution....The Froiday Fillums that are from his era only serve to reinforce this.   Like I say, maybe I''m wrong but I don''t particuarly care that his son''s not in the queue behind Rudd, Ruddy and the other one.
  14. http://www.thedaisycutter.co.uk/2011/11/the-10-best-1980s-kits/   Hummel were light years ahead of the game, thank god we''ve finally got a decent kit this year or I''d be paying some tit on ebay about £80 for a fake version of in my opinion our best kit.
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