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  1. I am really sorry to read this, Ricardo. RIP little Snowy.
  2. Of course you need moderation on any busy forum. Some people never self-moderate. Temporary bannings work, they give people a few days to cool off.
  3. His little boy looks so like him, slightly mitigated by the more attractive features of Coleen.
  4. Er, I think we need to think of the fact that they are Scottish and a lot of the people there are quite keen to make a complete break with the rest of the UK. I would never ever want to see Scottish teams in the EPL. I don''t know why we have Welsh teams, but that''s done now. And a trip up to Glasgow is not feasible for many people, it''s simply too far away if you are just a travelling fan of a lot of clubs in the EPL.
  5. My point in starting this thread was indeed to point out that if we sold Holt for the sort of money being touted around, we could buy the likes of Berbatov, who in my book is a proper tried and tested top-class striker with lots still to offer. Yes, I know it''s all about the wages, but he''d be worth it for a couple of years!!
  6. He hasn''t really had the chance, has he? Permanent substitute, really, which has been a shame for a player of his class.
  7. It appears that Malaga have made a bid of 6.5 million euros for him, according to the main MUFC forum. He''s the same age as Holt but with twice the talent, IMO. Posters on there seem to think it''s a reasonable sum for a player who is 31. Let''s give Everton a callback ASAP, please!
  8. He just doesn''t seem to figure on anyone''s radar other than ours. On another forum I post on (where there are literally hundreds of Irish posters), a thread about the performance of Ireland and who could replace some of the Irish failures didn''t even mention him as a possibility. I pointed out that Wes is here at Norwich, has played a full season in the Prem, has amazing skills which would have helped Ireland tremendously and ...er ... he is Irish. But they still keep going on about lower-league mediocre guys.
  9. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]   Hillsborough wasn''t caused by terracing - It was caused by the police opening the exit gates letting anyone with or without a ticket into the stand who were then directed into one pen which was already full and then the fences and penns didn''t allow for a quick getaway.   [/quote]The Ibrox disaster in 1971 was caused by terracing and there were no fences then. For some reason, nothing was done at that time and 66 people died as a result of that event. I remember it being in the news, but it never attracted the sort of coverage that Hillsborough did.
  10. Change of name yes, but it could be something like AFC Rangers.
  11. [quote user="HerefordCanary"]I actually think if you put the 2 Manchesters at top in that order and push everyone above them down to places that will be pretty close to how it finishes next season.[/quote]I think we should re-name ourselves Aardvark FC.
  12. [quote user="Canarinator_T1000"]Perhaps the message board police could spend their time trying to get the sh!te forum sorted out, rather than checking up on people''s spelling and grammar. How can it be that, when using a fully standards compliant browser, a forum, written in .net, can''t do bleeding quotes properly![/quote]The MBP as they have been termed are not in the position of sorting out the forum. This board looks amateurish, partly because of its lack of flexibility and partly because some (not all) posters would rather start a new thread than add their post to a relevant thread which is already in progress. We lose a lot by doing that, IMO. Incidentally, this is also a subject we discussed only a couple of weeks ago, when the number of duplicate Holt and Lambert-related threads reached gargantuan proportions.As for spelling and grammar, it does grate after a while when the same mistakes are made over and over again. I personally wouldn''t post just to tell someone that they have made mistakes as it''s not my business to do so, but I still dislike reading ''it''s'' when it should be ''its'' and ''here here'' when it should be ''hear hear''!
  13. Next season, travelling Canaries will be able to sing our new song, ''Away with our manger''.
  14. Funnily enough, I have just watched the 10-minute interview with him and I said to my lovely husband, "Chris Hughton is so much better looking than Lambert". I also had a look at Lambert at the AV press conference and he is beginning to look red-faced and a bit like a pudding, which is never very attractive - and he''s only in his 40''s. Hughton, on the other hand, is lean and chiselled at 53.Chris Hughton, managerial eye-candy of the Premier League.
  15. [quote user="farmer jim"]you may possibly spot a signing shopping in asda [/quote]This is about as likely as hell freezing over (in which case, many people wouldn''t need to worry about losing Planet Ice).
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