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  1. MymanObama

    Fracking problems and facts

    Here in the states (North Dakota) and just north of us, Canada is currently the fracking capital on our side of the pond.

    On one hand it is creating much needed jobs and more fossil fuels,BUT you should see what it is doing to the communities near these sites. Its a horrible mess.

    This fracking is a very short term economic boost both from a financial perspective and an ongoing source of petroleum supply. What with the approval of the Keystone pipe line crossing the nation into Texas and then the refineries,people alive today will see very little benefit at all.

    It will be the next generation whom will have to not only reap the environmental impact, but also the short sighted continued use of fossil fuels as the cornerstone of a dwindling economy.

    Our children will reap what our generation is going and it''s not going to be pretty!
  2. MymanObama

    Oompa Loompa Attack


    Police in Norwich, England are searching for two suspects in full Oompa Loompa dress and makeup (and hair colour) who assaulted a man coming out of a kebab restaurant at 3:30am last Thursday.

    Detectives are investigating to see if it was a possible revenge attack on a Whangdoodle, Hornswoggler, Snozzwanger or Vermicious Knid.

    The suspects are also wanted for questioning in the disappearance of a young woman named Violet Beauregarde.

  3. MymanObama

    Drones, are they working?

    [quote user="Joanna Grey"]You just have to face facts, automated and remotely controlled weapon systems are the future.[/quote] Future? What kind of future would that be? A future where killing is done at a distance? Killing via drones as a cost savings method? Killing without regard to international borders? Christ on a bike mate, I fear a world were the sky is filled with "Big Brother" policing our every move.
  4. MymanObama

    What y'all listening to?

    AC/DC just released it songs on iTunes,so I,m downloading a bunch of stuff I haven''t listened to in years.
  5. MymanObama

    EDL march.

    EDL? Not this Sh__ again. I thought all the ignorant racists were run off this site long ago.
  6. MymanObama

    Falkland Islands 2.0

    Anybody paying attention to this developing situation?
  7. MymanObama

    Summer Olympics

    Is anybody going? I here the ticket sales are a mess! Is it true synchronized swimming is a real sell out.
  8. MymanObama

    Terrible article from Fox news

    HC. What do you expect from FAUX news? Anything coming from that side of the aisle is slanted to say the least. You actually read and or watch material from FAUX?

    That in of itself leads this poster to question the mindset or lack of you live by.

    Now I understand why Anna left!
  9. MymanObama

    Flying as a hobby in general.

    A-10 Warthog. Puts the fear of god in anyone of the receiving end of its gun,s!
  10. My ,how we have changed our tune AW.
  11. MymanObama

    Films of 2011!!

    Agreed. Battle for LA was a terrible movie. Glad I caught it for free to the tele.
  12. MymanObama

    Two years on...

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    ... and Ray''s Free Bet Threads are still going strong. Just spent a little time re-reading some of Arrdee''s masterpieces in this section.


    RIP Ray.. you will never be forgotten.



  13. Keen striker Cody is. Wish him the best of luck.