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  1. Worked with Dolenz on Bugsy Malone on stage.Don''t forget Metal Micky at LWT. Nice bloke,with a habit....
  2. hexem


    Yes Shrimper I shall be trying to remember long forgotten rubbish on Monday''s quiz.(Daughter worked there in years past) So it is local!Because of how it works . I am the token male on the team. And about the youngest!I enjoyed a visit along the canals to Kingsland Basin during the open house weekend, (with a friend).Quite amazing. A small community of narrow boats, with a huge barge moored in the middle.An allotment. Fruit trees, strawberries, cabbages...chickens.http://events.londonopenhouse.org/building/18470.The locals who have moved into the renovated derelict warehouses are not happy.I gave up on family history.But I do know that my family were Huguenots making a living in Lincolnshire possibly as saltsters.Hard to believe but that hint came from "Gardener" a decade ago on the edp.---Daisy Roots.The u3a is good. I went to white cube for Tracy Emin.. A visit to William Morris at the NPG...it gets me off the keyboard.ce
  3. hexem


    Hi Shrimper.http://www.islingtonu3a.org/That should work. An attempt at a previous link didn''t appear. I get bored very quickly...U3a is quite good. And I am sure your talks will be interesting with the seafaring connections.Sadly for me it has become too intellectual recently, with some folk trying to do in depth analysis.I''m just trying to make friends and date girls "of a certain age".
  4. hexem


    I don''t know about if anyone knows about "u3a"..mostly folk with a freedom pass.Photo for Islington Festivities. I won a bottle of Lanson ,which went down well with Xmas pud.       Hex Ce and NM..(stuff it miggins..lol).Camden Passage
  5. hexem

    Nothing Much.

    Being of a certain age things get really hard work...for example today I wondered lonely as a cloud.Chris Stein''s snaps of Blondie times, at Somerset House.There was another exhibition of veterans from recent conflict as well.(Bryan Adams). Awe inspiring.Then a slog over to Tate where the new build is dominant, inside the turbine hall it''s a bit flat.Sadly the most exciting thing is the remains of the filled in stupid crack. And on...per ardua etc.,The Thames and London sparkled with autumn sunshine.Off I went to White Cube and Tracy Emin''s artworks . Bermondsey? "Well it''s not Angel but quite good!"Then...Electra at  the Old Vic.I am worn out.
  6. "thanks for the diversion of the threat hexem, still working are you?"Sorry about the diversion. nevermind. Was it a diversion of a thread or a threat.Anyway I thought it was all passe. Excuse my French.Or should that be pate. As for my lifestyle, well I''ve never done an honest days work in my life.NM
  7. Good of you to be concerned with" Herman''s Health" Mr Angry.Th 02 Venue that you will play at in November often has a likeable bunch recovering in the area after the night before.Amazingly dressed up Goths at the Angel,(a Wetherspoon) in July. Really nice and polite.This last Sunday a huge gang of rockers?/ ish lazing on Islington Green. Really nice and polite.I hope you have a good time. Sadly Nurse doesn''t let me out after dusk.
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