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  1. Dont worry Pete when you pass on you will get several pages of R.I.P saying what a great chap you were and so on . The abuse and hatred Wiz had to put up with on this messageboard was disgusting yet look how he is loved now he is gone , some people have far more than two faces .
  2. Yes very much so , she has had enough chances at the top flight and unlike others we just drop back down again . If we do not gain promotion this year or next we will be in this league for many years to come , all the good work has been thrown away once to often .
  3. Hopefully yes , all the guff we were fed about actively seeking investment well if we were whats changed now ? maybe its all that Premiership money , well its gone somewhere , are we the first club with parachute payments that cannot afford a decent striker .
  4. Destroyed Villa and Blackburn ? you totally ignorant prat .
  5. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]The OP should be more upset that his team sold Murphy, got Leon Best and ask where the money from the sale went........[/quote]Another Delia ar5elicker . but i will tell you what Leon Best would have been a better signing than Chamakh .
  6. Klose disappointed with failed West Brom move Daniel Emery @DanielEmeryRS 20 mins ago 247 reads 2 min read 0 comments Speaking to Srf Sport, Norwich City defender Timm Klose has spoken of his frustration at being made to stay at Norwich, instead of getting a move to a big club. Klose has vented his anger at Norwich not letting him leave on deadline day, with Srf Sport claiming that West Bromwich Albion offered €20m for the defender on Wednesday. But if the club is stubborn, I have no chance. Of course I am disappointed, but I have to accept it.
  7. So club not for sale now theres a surprise knew all along the witch was holding us back , at least nobody goes on forever not even them two .
  8. Hilarious how some of the happy clappers having mocked those down the road for the signing of Leon Best are now making out Chamakh has a role to play .
  9. Well said Big Vince , those two at the top have been holding this club back for years , was looking forwatd to them finally stepping down soon but now Tom is next in line the club looks well shafted .
  10. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="king canary"]8th or 9th,similar to the season after we got relegated with Worthy - never out of the playoff hunt but never really leading it either.[/quote]Fine, but then you must be able to name 8 teams better than our squad in this league? I can''t.[/quote]Squads dont have to be better just together , we have players who dont want to be here who will be regular starters they amble through games as if they are too good to even bother. Birminghams squad nowhere near as good but thrashed us , Ipswich squad so weak it could be in league 1 but they should have had more than a draw .Neil himself said squad needs freshening up and need strikers , he got neither 8th - 12th
  11. [quote user="Barking Mad Barclay Boy"]They asked for him on Loan They said NO. There was no 12m deal floating around. Case closed.[/quote]Reports say £12 million deal , we bid that supposedly for McCormack , we should easily have that sort of money after 4 seasons in the top flight . Case very much open .
  12. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]Pete - get out, go for a walk or something. Look at the squad pre the Window and now. If you think that is stagnation you need help: we lost one first team player we wanted to keep, bringing in several others. I''m sure we''d have got shot of a couple if we could, but that is not a straightforward thing. IMO we are fine in all departments than up front, which is poor, but if we sign Chamakh that will help.[/quote]Branston i do believe if the club wished to empty a bucket of dog s hite over your head at half time you would put a good spin on it , you are my NO1 happy clapper by a long way .
  13. All summer and they ran out of time lmao , sooner they are all gone the better for this club .
  14. How anybody can be trying to put a good spin on this is truly laughable after having all summer to sort this out . Why are we scrabbling about after the window has shut ? well there are whispers Jerome is out long term , if true pathetic and no more than this club deserves ,Laughing stock hardly covers it .
  15. We kept the players we needed , yeah but a lot of them dont really want to be here . What happens with Naismith now ? everybody hates him more now than they did this morning . Brady has he looked remotely interested  this season ? no . Truth is we have a couple of decent midfielders , one good defender , a good youngster in Canos after that its all pretty much very average . Jerome wont fire us to promotion and the midfielders are not what you would call prolific scorers . Would be amazed if this lot go up , wont finish anywhere near Newcastle or Villa .
  16. Wont walk because he would be back in the Scottish leagues , we badly need a proper manager but while the current owners are still here its all a waste of time .
  17. Nothing will ever get better at this club untill the Smiths go , there is no place in football for people like them .
  18. right out to 3/1 again now another false dawn
  19. Twitter saying this ones off now :-)
  20. Beyond belief , it should be Naismith sodding off .
  21. [quote user="Rogue Baboon"]Rhodes or Martin though? I would hope we are in for both with the aim of signing one. Personally I think Martin suits Neil''s style more[/quote]Martins not been scoring lately , personally i would want Rhodes just because every goal he bangs in will cause pain to those down the road , in fact a Rhodes Wickham top two would have been hilarious .
  22. yes were 25/1 15 mins ago only damper on that is Sheff Weds went from 9/1 to 8/11 this afternoon and didnt get him .
  23. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]Read the Northern Echo article, it does not say Rhodes is leaving at all, the article basically says there is SPECULATION around the future of Rhodes and Adomah, but it is most likely that it is Adomah that will leave when Boro have a replacement lined up......and so it has come to pass Adomah to Villa with Traore MIDDLESBROUGH will make a final push for Hull City defender Harry Maguire within the next 24 hours, but are set to lose both Albert Adomah and Jordan Rhodes before the transfer window closes on Wednesday night. going to Boro.......[/quote]
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