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  1. Not trying for the manager is hardly a basic error  and wont be solved by hard work .
  2. [quote user="Diane"]Could someone help me out.When I look at the poll on the pinkun there''s no percentages and the ''''give him more time'''' line is not much bigger than the ''''out now'''' line.Have tried looking on chrome/firefox/IE and my phone, all looks the same to me[/quote] Its a bit of a lopsided poll really , you have four choices which amount to giving Neil more time and only one that says get rid , should have been a straight in or out vote .
  3. [quote user="Buh"]Micky "give Newcastle the trophy already" Quinn[/quote]May as well nobodys going to be within 15 points of them , home and hosed already .
  4. Lambert back for me too , Villa did not go down while he was there and in the circumstances he probably did a very good job , Blackburn was clearly a mistake taking the job and he got out asap . Alex Neil has never been and never looked like becoming and never will be anywhere near the manager Lambert is . Its a straightforward easy decision Alex Neil is not good enough he does not even play his own signings , and for me anybody who thought you could go into the Championship season with just one average striker available does not deserve to be called a manager .
  5. Rudd is probably better than both of them .
  6. You have to think Pritchard and Canos must be well pleased they signed , got just about no chance of getting a game and the same goes for Oliviera  who is only going to get 5 mins at the end of some games , why the hell didnt we spend the money actually improving whats on the pitch ?? . Great midfield , shit strikeforce and defence , got to blame the lower league Scottish manager .
  7. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]Thank God that Martin and Bassong didn''t play together in central defence when we played the most valuable match in our history eh Matt? You know - the playoff final against Middlesbrough? Just imagine if we had played those two in central defence and Whittaker at right back - what a disaster that would have been?[/quote][:D][/quote]Never heard of ageing then Morty , maybe next game we could bring back Forbes and Stringer. Russell Martin is utter shite and has been for about 3 seasons now a disgrace that he is still at the club drawing a wage and even more so that he dictates what position he must play , bloke sums up everything that is wrong with the club.
  8. [quote user="Alex "]Their keeper is playing an absolute blinder, damn![/quote]Maybe if we had a striker that would help .
  9. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]we''re 4th after having only really playing well in a about 3 games out of 7? (and not full games, a half here and a half there)......imagine what will happen if we do start playing well?. Newcastle will stroll this league & will probably get close to 100 points and 100 goals. I still don''t see much to fear so far for 2nd ??[/quote]Villa will finish 2nd that frontline of Kodidja,Gestede,McCormack and Ayew is mouthwatering  compare that to Jerome and Oliviera , its not really even comparable is it . Thought Villa looked as if they would score everytime they went forward against Forest and they are only going to get better and better.
  10. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Would like to have seen more of Canos, but guess he has to wait his moment in the league, wouldn''t be surprised to see Naismith on the bench at Forest on Saturday, away from Carrow Road, TBF he got a lot of stick over the Birmingham fiasco, but so should Klose, Bennett etc that day. Canos needs to hold his patience, especially now Maddison is out of the picture until January.[/quote]Canos could have been patient at Liverpool but wanted to leave to play first team football , has he really even been given a chance yet finds himself not even on the bench . Probably thinking should have signed for Brentford about now .
  11. Playing as we are at the moment there are going to be many more Birminghams coming along , we are scraping by at home against the lesser sides but you can just see whats coming when this defence comes under constant pressure away .Neil should go he is a very weak link and not this great young manager in the making , any manager who thought Jerome was enough firepower to mount a promtion challenge deserves to be out of work .
  12.  I would say this is as good as we can play , one excellent showing at a very weak Blackburn followed by six very average performances would suggest the six is the norm . Nowhere near enough firepower in the side and the defence is still just as shaky as its always been . Promotion ? dont think so .
  13. Canos looks out of favour already , will Pritchard ever get a start unless Hoolahan is injured and why have we signed a striker who is still unfit after two weeks . At least we have two centre backs on the bench who are not good enough to start over an ageing right back . Alex Neil is still playing safety first instead of the attacking football he promised , lost his bottle ?
  14. Dennis is Delias mouthpiece in the press , he would defend her come what may , all people should worry about is why a club with 4 of the last 5 seasons in the Premiership, parachute payments , a player sold for £11 million cannot afford one decent striker in the squad .Where''s the money gone ???????/
  15. Bennett and if not Bennett Bassong and if not Bassong Turner , only way Martin should get a game is at right full back and then only if there are injuries .
  16. Useful 3 points but anybody thinking performances like that will see us promoted at the end of the season is quite frankly living in a dream world . Still think we need a manager , Canos must be fed up already after stressing he wanted out off Liverpool for first team games .
  17. You always hear how wealthy the relegated clubs are with their parachute payments , they can cherry pick all the talent on offer . Not at Norwich City it seems , just where has all the money gone that we cannot even afford a decent striker ? . Robert Chase could learn a thing or two from this lot .
  18. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="CanaryOne"]We didnt land them because of lack of money which i would suggest is exactly the same as Ipswich . As Chris Sutton was asking Rob Butler on twitter the other night ..where''s the money gone .. [/quote]Please don''t tell me Chris Sutton is suggesting the wallet is empty ? [:P][;)][/quote]Chris Sutton ‏@chris_sutton73 Sep 2 Not backed AN as they should! I''m confused at where money has gone! Team spirit will hopefully get promotion  Chris Sutton ‏@chris_sutton73 Sep 2 Moxey interview doesn''t bode well for AN! Where has all the money gone or am I missing something?..
  19. The club knew the position it was in on deadline day and despite four seasons in the top flight and parachute payments were to tight to sign a striker , if both Jerome and Oliviera get injured or turn out to be naff  then tough it was their decision .
  20. We didnt land them because of lack of money which i would suggest is exactly the same as Ipswich . As Chris Sutton was asking Rob Butler on twitter the other night ..where''s the money gone ..
  21. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]I think Chamakh would be a useful addition to the squad if he can keep fit - the fact that he''s been in the PL all his career, and still potentially attractive to sides like WBA, seems rather lost on some.[/quote]When you say sides like West Brom you really mean sides who have massively messed up the transfer window ? .
  22. [quote user="Ian"]Err... far be it for me to interrupt your Pinkun/Canary Call-esque moaning session, but you do realise that Chamakh is a target man, and well, Andreu is not? Why compare apples to oranges just to slate the club? You do also realise that we''re really lacking a target-man who can bring others into play, right? Anyway, if we did sign Chamakh I still think he could be a useful addition if (and it''s a big if) we can keep him fit.[/quote]Chamakh wont be useful stop kidding yourself , i very much doubt he would ever get on the pitch . How far has the club fallen , parachute payments and yet scrabbling around for trash like this . If we need a target man we have Lafferty who can do that job at least hes not 33 and washed up .Carry on supporting Delia and her Board of buffoons though , while you still can .
  23. Surely even Andreu would have been a better option than Chamakh yet we loaned him out knowing we were going to be short .
  24. [quote user="Dead Canary"]What do you think they get out of it CanaryOne?[/quote]The same thing everybody wants who buys a football club , do you really think Dr Xia is spending all those millions because he loves Villa ? no its because if he gets them promoted there is money to be made and a lot of it . Marcus Evans supposedly funding Ipswich''s £8 million a year losses ? why he''s not even a supporter so in some way you can bet he is showing a profit on his investment . All these foreigners suddenly wanting to own English football clubs , why ? in the words of a Abba song title Money Money Money .
  25. All these Saint Delia posts and how she just wants whats best for Norwich City , well lets for one moment suppose there was a Norfolk born Nowich City supporting billionaire out there wanting to buy and invest in the club the answer he would get would be the the club IS NOT FOR SALE . Clearly there is something to be gained from owning a football club and i dont mean prestige , Delia clearly wants Tom to be next in line for the rewards , nobody would want to hand over a money losing enterprise to the nephew would they .The Jones''s are in this for the Jone''s make no mistake about that .
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