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  1. will be absolutley gutted when hoolahan goes. I really think he is under-rated, he derserves to go to a better club than sheff wed or palace
  2. Its called Esporta now. They go swimming and to the gym there.I have seen them there
  3. If we ever get to the premier league, build on the geoffrey walting stand. More capacity. Put flags in the jarrold stand like in the kop
  4. Wouldnt want shackell or doherty. Rusell and fozzy are ok but would like another creative midfielder. I think chadwick could play in that role. just behind the strikers, making things happen
  5. I can so hoolahan coming here. I dought parry would. Is a great player though
  6. COMPLETLEY AGREE. He looks terrible the way it is. Just shave it off. And stop doing that thing when you brush your boot along the ground. Its like smoking, a bad habbit-get out of it. You will feel much better. I will feel much better.
  7. Agree. keep shacks for back up thn get rid of doherty. taylor and ramage cb would be great. Try and get bertrand aswell for a season long loan or buy him.
  8. agree. cant understand why he has been kept on...hes not good enough
  9. Agree..i cant help think that roeder has something up his sleeve
  10. I hate to think next season where we are going to finish. With no money practically to bring in decent players i cant see us doing anything. Most parts of our team needs to be improved..with hucks gone and doherty still here at the moment who is terrible, im worried.
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