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  1. Well said Brienne. I thought us Norfolk folk were born fighters and dont give up easy. I would rather get relegated going down with a fight than just roll over with a whimper.
  2. At the end of the day, we played very well and didnt get any luck yet again. Fulham were shit lucky. The hardest thing to take is Fulham were shite.
  3. I didnt know there was only 34 games in a season i thought there were 38?
  4. He really isnt the same player he was last season. It has to be down to the coaching. I reckon whotun should go.
  5. I think its time for him to resign or McNally to grow some balls and sack him. Lambert made average players good and good players great. The time has come for a change. We have a very good squad, with the right manager we would be a very good team. Howton Out!
  6. Agree. He is pure class. Wouldnt look out of place in a top four side in the Premier league. His vision, close control and tackling is worthy of a £20 million plus player. The big boys will be sniffing around him very soon unfortunately.
  7. We won against a good Stoke side end of story. Well done lads.OTBC
  8. Tactics were spot on today. Well done Hughton. The midfield trio of tettey, fer and howson worked a treat. We made stoke look poor with the high tempo and pressing in the 1st half, we looked a quality team. Was always gonna be different in the 2nd half and Hughton got that spot on 2nd half. Hooper and redmond didnt play and still won away from home. Man City could only draw at Stoke, are we really that bad of a team? The jigsaw pieces are slowly being put together. As to Leroy Fer, what a player. He will get better as the season goes on. A lot of positives to take from todays game. OTBC.
  9. We are playing superb. Hunger, desire and running the midfield. Keep it up. We are making stoke look poor. Great stuff.
  10. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Frying Pan Eyes"]I will stand by this and say we were that poor we made Spurs look like Barcelona. Our midfield was static ( in fact non existent ), we gave the ball away too many times. We had no desire to do anything today. Spurs were good but not great. Very bad day at the office. If Spurs were that great how come it was only 2-0? We looked bottom half championship side today.[/quote]We didn''t make them look like anything. What they made, they made for themselves by simply being quicker and classier than we were. Against the top teams this can sometimes happen. If you can''t live with the fact that there are a number of teams that are superior to us in this league then you need to find another pass-time rather than following a team like NCFC. [/quote] I can live with the fact we will get beat fair and square by the top teams. Yes Spurs were better than us today but obviously a lot of people dont see the wider picture of how football is played. The squad we had at the lane today should of given Spurs a good game but no it didnt happen. Yes maybe people could say it was one of those days today but we could of at least tried. Im glad it was only 2-0 could and should of been hell of a lot worse. Anyway we move on to the next game. Bring on the Villa and a very good response from the lads. OTBC.
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