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  1. Norwich to end the season with a victory, and none other than James Maddison to score.
  2. Robert GreenJon OtsemoborJason ShackellLeon Barnett Adam DruryNathan RedmondGary Holt Jonny HowsonSimon Lappin Kei KamaraVan WolfswinkelGreen are 100% certain.Black are just to make up the team, I''ve gone brain dead!
  3. Still not quite 100% sure how Wes was given the goal. It''s an own goal all day long.
  4. I think people need to check out the Manchester Utd chant for Lukaku [;)]
  5. How can we even look to compare Jerome to Olivera.2 totally different players.Olivera is from Portugal where flicks, tricks and finesse are encouranged.Jerome is from England where strength, power and speed are the so called ''key''.I agree that Olivera should be in the box more ready for the players to supply him, but if you aren''t getting the ball because the 3 behind you (Hoolahan, Vrancic and Murphy) aren''t supplying you can''t blame him for going after the ball out wide.The 3 behind him had poor games on Tuesday, always wanting an extra touch on the ball before releasing it. But does Olivera deserve this after 1 bad game?
  6. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]@Morty...well I understand your reaction and the names I have stated aren''t the ones I would necessary choose, but I want a change at the helm...Neil''s time is up![/quote]So....who do you want?
  7. Lots of excited fans it seems about the prospect of Neil leaving to go to Rangers (purely based on bookies odds)Who would you replace him with?
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