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  1. [quote user="king canary"]I am a football manager addict and realised when playing recently that i was actually considering how people on this forum would react to my decisions. Anyone else get this or have i gone mad?[/quote] lol yeah mate i get that but even worse, i can somtimes imagine what people wud say on canary call etc, lol. Think i''m gonna go check maself in to the nut house soon.
  2. I''m pleased we avoided relegation coz it wasn''t roeders fault and that the team has actually done quite well since hes bin here. True it has bin a shocking season but i''m opptimistic regarding next season. I think the board know they have to back Roeder with sum hard cash. If this season hasn''t bin a wake up call then we are doomed, tho i''m confident they will. Certainley wont be accepting another season of relegation battles thats for sure! Anyway bottom line i''m pleased with they way its finished and now it a completley new slate for Roeder to build from (hopefully).
  3. I think they will defianately need to stay up if we want him. I think he was one of there main players during their promtion season so bruce will know that tiny is very good at this level and will probably want to keep him. Tho i hate birmingham and Brady and her s**t colum in the sun that she writes.
  4. [quote user="archer4721"][quote user="Waller"] After watching that i''m really worried that we''ve made a huge mistake, look at his last goal for example pure class, Form is temporary, class is permanent. [/quote]   Hes being playing for a contract for the last few games. Every single player raises their game in that situation. Hux is no different i''m afraid to say. Shame hes been missing for the rest of the season - happy to pick up massive wages regardless.   Hes finished at this level and hes only 32. Yeah thats real class. [/quote] LMAO, finished at this level, yeah thats why premiership managers have shown an interest. We will soon see tho. How can you argue that hes been nothin short of pure class ever since he came thru the door. Plus you say he happy just 2 pick up his wages, well he says he turned down big offers to leave carrow road so i doubt hes like that mate.  
  5. After watching that i''m really worried that we''ve made a huge mistake, look at his last goal for example pure class, Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  6. Many to chose from but the one away at burnley wen we won 5-3 i think it woz. Wen he went round the keeper and from a really narrow angle pratically found the top corner, the nowadays huckerby wud av probably sliced that wide. Not his best by a mile i just like that one for sum reason. That was wen he was unstoppable tho. Also the one against wigan in the same saeason. Where he picked it up wide then just ran straight at the defenders before just placing it in the bottom corner, thierry henry like.
  7. Harry Kewell, bit ambitious, thats an understatement. If we dont want to pay hucks wages who will prob play all the time wot makes you think we''d pay double, triple even quadruple the wages for a player who spends all season in the physio room.
  8. Would have took him wen we first got the oppurtunity but not now. Technically hes as bad as matty patterson and coudnt score the goals to keep leicester in the league let alone scoring the goals for a side to chase the play-offs.
  9. [quote user="ricky knight"]one slight problem there eggy Warnock is a different class to Roeder.[/quote] LMAO you really dislike roeder dont ya! There is a reason why Warnock gets so much s**t wen he comes down here, its coz hes a complete w****r. diifferant class to roder, and your basing that on???
  10.  I could think of many words to describe ya mate but i think Ledgend is the most appropriate. Will never be forgotten here and hope you come back and have some role at the club in the future. The buzz us fans got everytime you got the ball was quite special. Good luck with wotever you do in the future!
  11. For starters the game at sheff weds dint mean nothing to us and everything to them. Plus did you go to sheff weds? If you did you have realised that we shud have buried them b4 half time, patterson shud have scored and evans missed great oppurtunities, oh yeah also after there second one mr huckerby missed a one on one so really on another day we woud have killed them and its obvious we are a much better side then them. As for next season thats just my opinion. I like roeder and with his contacts in  the game i think he can attract sum very good players here along with the loan players, sumthing which he already has proved.
  12. I''m absolutley gutted for bloke. You can see just how much it meant to him playin for this club and i feel something really needs to be done so that we can say thanks to him. I''m blaming the board more than roeder over the timing of it all. They knew just how much hucks meant to us probably a lot more than roeder did so they really shud of made sure we knew wot woz goin on before the sheff weds game. Gonna be a long while i reckon before we find a player that generates such a ''buzz'' everytime they pick up the ball.
  13. Roeder wont get sacked. I''m confident we will have a much better season next year than this time round. The club needs a bit of stabillity especially as we haven''t recovered from the ''grant era''.
  14. [quote user="ricky knight"][quote user="Waller"] Ricky i think its quite clear you know very little bout football and all of you chosing huckerby over roeder. Its embarrasing to be honest!! Get over it, we knew there was a good chance that this decision was gonna be made and all of a sudden its SHOCK HORROR!!! Why don''t u ''fans'' just give roder a break and trust his judgement then judge him next season. [/quote] As i always say time will tell who is right or wrong, i am willing to wait. I was right about Grant from day one, got told the same then, said we would be more likely relegated than promoted last summer, got told the same then, so lets wait and see before name calling or questioning my knowledge. [/quote] Spot on Ricky, time will tell. This is the reason why i cant understand everyone lashing roeder!!! Can understand why everyones unhappy about not giving him a proper send off coz the man is a legend for wot he has done for this club. I wud rather he stayed but i''m 100% behind roeder and therefore will trust his judgement. But like you say time will tell!
  15. 100% agree, good post. Fickle fans where are you?
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