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  1. [quote user="Yeovil Fan"]yeah, no big teams in L1 anymore now Forest and Leicester went up.[/quote] You stopped crying yet?  
  2. exeter havent paid a penny in transfer fees in the last 2 years and they have gained 2 straight promotions ... if you bring in the right type of player then you have a chance, if a player is for free then snap him up because its the bargains that usually come out to be the best signings.
  3. i would like to see robbie simpson on the right wing, as thats where he played most games for coventry last season. would be nice to have grant holt and liam dickinson for him to provide service for as well ;)
  4. isn''t LEE out of contract in the summer ? i thought he was, and this cant be true, if we stay up we will be keeping players such as HOOLAHAN.
  5. i dont know if it is true but i have heard that we are to be offered 3000 seats in the home end for the game provided we sell out our first allocation which is a definate. i have no source other than my friend who seemed quite confident with what he has heard.
  6. a changed man today, i thought he was the man who ran the midfield and was in great positions to pick up the second ball which is what made the difference
  7. alan lee oh lee he''s bigger than you and me he''s gonna score 2 or 3 alan lee oh lee
  8. yeahh we know but if anyone can think of better than legwinski then mention it, and otsemobor may be not up to his best but a bit of support goes a long way, the players need nothing less than 100% encouragement until the end of the season, if we go down then moan at the end of the season but until the season ends the players must be supported and not put down by supporters.
  9. adding to them .... Alan Lee Oh Lee, He''s bigger than you and me, he''s gonna score 2 or 3, Alan Lee Oh Lee
  10. Me and My mate came up with a few new ideas. Some new songs! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAHZ3RE1xwE (Song that liverpool sing about torres) When jonny goes marching down the wing SEMY SEMY, when Jonny goes marching down the wing SEMY SEMY, when jonny goes marching down the wing the barclay end will forever sing, We all know that Semy''s gonna score, nanananananananana nanananananan nanananananan John otsemeboor Norwich''s number 2!!! We never thought he would return SHACKELL SHACKELL, we never thought he would return SHACKELL SHACKELL, he''s centre back with docehrty, he''ll keep us from the bottom three, JASON SHACKELL NORWICH''S NUMBER 4 nananananananannanananananananananananananan JASON SHACKELL NORWICH''S NUMBER 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIFp-0mUXiE (Song that united sing about anderson) Sam Cling an an an, he is better than Fotheringhamm, sam Cling an an hes our midfield magician, to the left to the right to the irish beat tonight, heeess the pride of city and he''ll * on Legwinskiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdB0oFqpA50&feature=related <-- united''s version about rooney saw my mate the other day, He said to me he saw the white Pele, So I asked, who is he? He goes by the name of Dave Mooney, Dave Mooney!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlPaFooTIqI&feature=related <-- scotlands version of that song. And also every1 seems to have a sing along song these day so maybe we could sing the one that liverpool and scotland sing which is We''ll be coming, we''ll be coming, we''ll be coming down the road, when you hear the noise from the Norwich City boys we''ll be coming down the roooaaadddd! and another little one that needs some work on Alan Lee whereever you may be, if you hate the scum then your loved by me, but now you wear my yellow and green, go and score a goal for me! There we go a few ideas OTBC x
  11. Marshall Smith Doc Shacks Bertrand Croft Russell Clingan Gow Lee McDonald   Subs: Mooney, Lappin, Otsemobor, Pattison, Daley
  12. yes im going, with a mate and his dad, looking forward to it, i''ve heard from other fans who have visited the stadium that you are escorted by police to the ground, not so sure though. feel we could bounce back and win this one, any ideas on how many fans will be making the trip?  
  13. i was up in the top right hand corner and we didnt stop chanting for a minute, you may see the videos which are on youtube, thats the area i was in ole ole ole ole, ole ole ole ole staying up up up  
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