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  1. Snuggles

    Sir Bobby

    I once annoyed Bobby Robson, which I always treated as a feather in my cap. But he wasn''t too grand to strike up a conversation with me in the first place, and I always had a sneaking respect for him for that.


  2. Snuggles



    Copyright © 2000, 2001 The Canary Coalition, All Rights Reserved

    Who you calling limp?



  3. Snuggles

    City & Roeder only sign Runts!

    Ist wizard, you must deal with your anger, or you''ll have a heart attack.

    It''s only a game.


  4. [quote user="Lol Morgan"] It is worth remembering this little spat. [/quote]

    Redknapp comes across as a right mouthy git. And not a little spiteful.


  5. Snuggles

    Song to run out to... Be positive!

    [quote user="Snuggles"]

    Do You Know The Way To San Jose?


    If you''re too young to remember the song, check this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhRj8wl9eME

    Not exactly Caister Beach, lucky Darren........


  6. Snuggles

    Song to run out to... Be positive!

    Do You Know The Way To San Jose?


  7. This is the crux of the matter as far as I can see.

    There could be three reasons for her saying "There''s loads of new investment, everything''s lovely, we''re keeping quiet about all the money"

    1. She was joking, or being sarcastic. Inexcusable, and out of character IMHO, especially with a tv camera pointing at her. And especially in view of the way she went straight on to have a dig at the Binmen, for mouthing off about how much money they''ve got.

    2. She was as "emotional" as she had been at that Manchester City match. I have to say she didn''t look "emotional" when I saw the video clip.

     3. She was telling the truth. This would be rather indiscrete, not to say silly, but I think it has to be the most plausible explanation.

    I still believe there is somebody else out there, no idea who, but I am hourly expecting something to turn up.


  8. Snuggles

    EDP tomorrow (Friday)

    I wouldn''t say the article was nothing, just that it wasn''t the good news she implied.


  9. Snuggles

    cullum - worse than m...

    [quote user="Grando"]... And when i stepped out of the shower this morning I realised the last 15 years had all been a dream and we were still sitting at the top of the Premier League.[/quote]

    What a horrible dream!


  10. Snuggles

    EDP tomorrow (Friday)

    So, Celia, in what sense was it a "good" report?

    Well written?  Good spelling?

    Certainly not good news.

    That''s your credibility down the drain, I fear..


  11. [quote user="Ncfc No Ambition"] where is all the investment Smith was shouting about at the Norfolk show.

    Do you think she was drunk when she said that?


  12. Whatever the minutiae of ranking positions, England are now the undisputed underachiever champions of the world.


  13. Sounds to me like Delia was joking, or being sarcastic.

    So, no other big investor waiting in the wings then.


  14. Snuggles


    [quote user="pie in the sky"]i think the men in suits were undertakers just in case there was truth in the paper talk they thought that if it was half the men in norwich would of had heart attaks(before anyone says anything no i can spell but do i care!)[/quote]

    It''s not so much the spelling, it''s getting whole words wrong.


  15. [quote user="tHeReALSeaT"]

    Correct, also there are plans to add another tier on the South stand, but only after several seasons in the premiership and the money that brings in. The plans have been there since the new South stand was built...


    I think you mean the City (Main) Stand?

    The ground would look very lop-sided if they put another tier on the South (Jarrold) Stand.