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  1. I do look back fondly now on the league one days. It was full of hard working below average players, but you felt that they played for something more than just the money.
  2. [quote user="Zak Burger"][quote user="Joanna Grey"]I only hope that we get as many points as there are spelling mistakes in the OP.[/quote]Ohm shocked don''t know watts the matter, as a board we have great potential, just need to ion out all this current negativity it''s making me quite anode......[/quote] Brilliant work.
  3. Is Hughton really the most negative manager ever? Clearly not, can you not remember the Roeder days when Russell was played as a lone striker. Any excuse to have a moan, even if it isn''t a valid reason.
  4. Fairly surprised they are moaning about Berbatov. Looked a different class to the rest of the players on the pitch.
  5. I think that there are at least 10 teams, possibly a couple more, who aim to finish the season outside the bottom three. Premier league money is so crucial these days that clubs are happy finishing 17th.
  6. Apart from turners yellow, I didn''t think he got too much wrong.
  7. Think Howson is a very good player but he doesn''t fit in this system we are playing. If we were to sign a striker and play 442, i think he could be our best central midfielder.
  8. Live i thought the tackle on johnson was a red, but after seeing the replay, it was a free kick and at most a yellow.
  9. As i understand it, all bids in and out will go through him and the whole nature of the transfer window is cat and mouse trying to slightly get a better deal on any moves. He is probably trying to act like we aren''t desperate to sign anyone, because if he admitted we were desperate any fees would increase.
  10. Simeon Jackson is a good off the ball and not in the final third. Apart from that he is very average.
  11. We wouldn''t have got Bradford if we had gone through.
  12. I don''t really care how much holding Shawcross had been doing. No amount of holding gives Fellaini the right to act as he did. I think he should get a similar length ban to Joey Barton at the end of last season.
  13. Roeder took us to europe though, that one didn''t end up too well.
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