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  1. the one saving grace might just be that west brom are in good form, and wigan also have to go to arsenal who wont be in a hurry to lose that champions league spot
  2. be a shame if benteke tripped and broke his ankle going down the tunnel
  3. i expect norwich will lose to villai really dont know about the west brom game, i dont have any faith in hughton to do anything different to the cr@p weve seen from him all season and we all know what that gets  the really worrying thing is that this could all come down to the last day, if villa are safe and wigan are still in with a shout they will roll over
  4. cant believe im even thinking this butsteve bruce has done an excellent job at hull poyet would be another i wouldnt mind if its relegation then warnock, he has a history of promotion, and at worse would steady the ship in a fantasy world someone like koeman or di matteo would be awesome but knowing delia & co they would probably get crook or trevor putney even if they could afford them
  5. chunky tall mofo with reasonable pace, decent technique, 24, has premier league experience, was even linked with bolton for a meager 7 milllooks like the ideal bulldozer to partner the wolfopinions ?  
  6. lol most people were moaning about the way he had set out his stall in pre season, and it hasnt changed, if you lot think its going to be any different next year youre living in dreamland
  7. [quote user="Gingerpele"] The main difference this season is we aren''t getting forward as often.[/quote] DIIIIIIIIIIING! and the reason for that isssssss ...............................we have a manager with no kahunas, has no faith in the players ability, is unwilling to take a risk, is tactically inept and cant see when it needs changing, has a rubbish number 2 and coach, is bland dull and uninspiring and its rubbed off on the players
  8. [quote user="Gingerpele"] We just aren''t very good going forward. .[/quote]what an absolute utter load of sh1te what about last season ? i think we proved just how good we are at going forwardsame/similar group of players, arguably a stronger squadits hughtons tactics, mentality, style, call it what you like, he clearly isnt capable of getting the best out of his players, ive no doubt hes an excellent number 2 but he has no charisma or character, which is very apparent in his press conferences, the way the team plays mirrors his grey norbert personality
  9. sent them out for a draw and got what he deserved, hughton needs to grow a pair
  10. speaking of illogical, 1 nil down after 46 minutes and the tw@t in charge makes his final change in the 86th minute
  11. need to let someone else take a free kick, snodgrass has been dire today
  12. someone tell hughton hes allowed to make substitutions and tactical changes nearly an hour in, 1 down, his plan is clearly not working and nothing, not one change.
  13. out - barnett, surman, jackson, c martin, tierney, camp, hoolahan, kamara, holt (legend but time to go live the easy life up north and win a title), butterfield in - garrido, matty phillips, kyle naughton, charlie austin, dragovic, nathon redmond, will hughes, etienne capoue(unlikely but city have the money), one of either hooper or rhodes, and another left back with some serious quality to put garrido under pressure
  14. yeh hes been especially gobby the past couple of games
  15. [quote user="NWC"]Good run and shot from snodgrass[/quote]have to wonder where hes been hiding that right foot all season
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