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  1. Anyone who went recently know how chaotic getting on the trains is after game? Last train back to Norwich is 11.30 and should it go extra time and pens could be a bit tight? Any advice appreciated
  2. Im getting bored of no football already after being spoilt last season ! Bet im not the only one. To relieve the boredom lets have a prediction for our first game of the season. Based on absolutely nothing i will go for Arsenal at home.
  3. Vaguely remember in the 90s being 2 down to tranmere at home in league cup i think and coming back to win 4-2
  4. Anyone see this? davidmcnally62 50m “@Lee_1609: Have you got any plans for a potential friendly against Ip5w1ch during this summer? It''d be a sell out game!” watch this space! Thoughts?
  5. Remember, that if it was not for the unlikely wins over Arsenal and Man U in that 10 match unbeaten run, we would be on 27 points now, and deep in the mire. Hate messages like this! Fact is we desrved to win both those games so why dwell on them just because they are games "we re not expected to win" Doesnt matter where you get your points from!
  6. Did east midlands trains not think that maybe 2 carriage trains may not be able to cope considering the amount of fans travelling. Had trains booked for .9.57 train but told we were not going to get on. Only just got on 10.57 train,heard stories of fans getting cabs to peterboro cause trains let them down. Got the impression they just sold the train tickets without working out how they could accomodate everyone! Shocking way to run a business!
  7. Over 2 legs. Cant help being slightly f**ked off with this
  8. Aha, thanks. That would be why its never been mentioned then. Surprised Cameroon didnt qualify,thought they were one of the top african teams
  9. Apologies if this has been discussed before,couldnt find a thread on it. Do we lose Sebastion Bassong in January for the the Africa cup of nations? Lets hope not would be a major loss.
  10. I always thought there was some law to stop pubs showing saturday games at 3pm. They must have found a way round it.
  11. My computer is playing up so cant do link but type in "just regional" in google and look at main story. Good news for people who cant get to every away game
  12. http://www.wsc.co.uk/content/view/7438/38/   What a load of garbage!
  13. Oh dear. More financial woe for the binners. ha ha. http://www.twtd.co.uk/news.php?storyid=18116&title=town_settle_magilton_legal_case    
  14. Burnley have requested permission to speak to lambert. On official burnley site  
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