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  1. A Norwich fan responded to a post when Farke was sacked, essentially stating that it was City's Mick McCarthy moment (referring to when MM was sacked by Ipswich; meant to result in an improvement, but resulted in free fall from thereon). I agreed 100% then and I still do. Since we fired Farke we have lost our football identity on the pitch and our connection/empathy with the manager and his style of football. Barring some remarkable recruitment, and a change of footballing philosophy, it seems we will be an average championship side at best, playing average football. Even if we had gone down under Farke (we may not have done) it would have been playing Farkeball, with much admiration of our footballing philosophy, rather than the dross and humiliation we have suffered since he left. Pep said he liked watching City under Farke but there is no way he does now under Smith and Co. I have nothing against them personally, it was the boards mistake recruiting them, but there just does not seem to be any connection at all with the fans. I actually value our owners, I have met Delia and she is a diamond, but I wish she would acknowledge it, learn from it and try to entice Farke back.
  2. From murderous owners, no thank you, we should not do business with them. I hope nobody does and I hope they go down. The Geordies have sold their souls for blood money...
  3. Oh Gawd, is this post for the same numpties that wanted Farke out?
  4. 64 years of age and No. You must be very young or brainwashed into thinking he is one of the worst managers we have had.
  5. 'He spoke very well in his analysis on MOTD2' Really? He sounded kinda simple to me, just stating the obvious, like most of them. The only pundit who has any nous is Neville...now there's a thought!
  6. The 1st 15 minutes against top 6 Bournemouth we were awesome, played them off the park until a sending off...
  7. He's going on a desert island with Pep and Klopp
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