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  1. Never Blue


    How much would he be valued at in transfer market now? I'm sure offers will come in.
  2. Never Blue

    Long Overdue Announcement

    The modern football fan must have a brain that has been designed and produced by the corporatists of the modern football world and is then cloned exponentially.

    Say whaaaattttt?
  3. Never Blue

    Villa's compensation for Lambert agreed

    I don''t see why we are paying Lambert compensation after he walked out on us, or am i missing something.
  4. Never Blue

    Frazer Forster

    How will his price tag go up when he is bench warming?
  5. If they were deducted points could it be that they start on a minus next season ?
  6. Never Blue

    Chris Martin Not In Squad Tomorrow

    An Ipswich fan i work with who is distantly related to Martin said he wasn''t happy with life at Norwich at the moment, saying he felt the manger and fans don''t give him much credit. I was surprised by this and dont know if there is any truth in it, but this could also be a reason he might not be travelling to Leeds.
  7. I thought they were better than us and deserved to win........ simples!
  8. Never Blue


    Highest scorers in league but only two clubs have conceeded more than us, although that horror show on the opening day has alot to do with that.
  9. Never Blue

    Bryan Gunn job

    Lol excellent
  10. Never Blue

    Tomorrow's Newspaper Headlines

    Gunn fired after 7 sins
  11. Never Blue

    Vote For Your Manager


    Dion Dublin

  12. Seems fair enough to me, players working hard and pushing for a first team place can only be good.
  13. Never Blue

    7 Subs Next Season

    Should be plenty of space in the stands so not a problem about the bench.
  14. Never Blue

    The 2003-4 season

    there is a worthy champions dvd season 2003-04 on ebay now if you haven''t got one yet.
  15. Never Blue

    Re: BIG MAN, Signing rumours....

    why would anyone care?