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  1. As someone has said elsewhere at sometime or other, it wasn''t Chris Hughton''s job to sack himself (-and take his colleagues livelihoods away) -most of us have seen this coming for months.So what now for a board that was iinstrumental in virtually saving the solvency of our club, but is wholly responsible for this relegation?
  2. Depends upon the performance on that day for me ...but as a point of principle, I never boo my own team. Don''t know who of our players deserves invective, & who deserves praise ..but for having the bottle to take it on, I''ll show some appreciation to Neil Adams for sure. Its a complicated situation, but for those that have performed or put a shift in, or want to stick around and try to put it right I''ll show a positive reaction ...glass half full kinda guy that I am. The now inevitable, but what was avoidable & wasteful after the miraculous efforts to get there, casts its own bleak shadow over our city. Need to move forward quickly with purpose, and not tear ourselves apart.
  3. The fact that after early promise, Hooper looks ''jaded'' whereas RvW is still very much up for it ?
  4. Bassong was undoubtedly excellent first season. I remember remarking how he was an absolute steal at double the price we paid for his services, and couldn''t understand the popular perception of him being being error prone at other clubs. Lets just say my first impressions from that first season were very wrong generally, in the context of what''s followed and his ''previous''. RM is undoubtedly captain material, as is Ruddy.
  5. Not impossible by any means. The team look better under Neil Adams. They will have taken plenty of positives from yesterday, not least the belief that they are good enough and can come back from what would have been knock out blows under CH. I was a bit concerned that Hooper looked under par and on his heels, but RvW looked better. A team that looked for the most part down and out under the previous manager, with little balance, cohesion, consistency or belief, now looks up for the fight, trading toe to toe, and just coming slightly worse off against an incredible side that will likely be worthy league champions. They deserved something from Craven Cottage too. 9 points to play for. Home or away ..I bet this team has much more belief now than it did after WBA.
  6. Here''s a good enough place for this ...DON''T FEED THE TROLL! ...Or self important, arrogant losers/tossers. An important football match happened for Norwich supporters. You can''t win them all,..but top marks for effort. So proud of the team and Neil Adams today after that performance.
  7. I really wanted a fancy dan furriner, to bring us exotic tictacs ..but if Adams carries on improving the team like between WBA & Fulham, I''m backing our man all the way. Like to think the youth FA cup (although only kids footy) is a major feather in his cap. If he''s tactically progressive, positive, flexible, inspirational, successful, then.Neil Adams is definitely the man I want in charge. The best candidate could be right under our noses.
  8. Interesting point. Who knows? It brings into sharp focus the need to field committed players for our remaining games. I''ve been surprised by the number of people advocating Pilkington''s inclusion, when by all accounts his attitude/fitness is apparently wanting. No doubt a match winner on his day, but obviously his head isn''t ''straight''. Lambert seemed to buy other teams significant/game changing players and captains at one point. I can see why
  9. If true, they''reIdiots. We aren''t down yet, need everyone pulling together and then allegedly do something like this? ...and after a much better away performance ...and Neyul''s first game in charge. Utter mindlessness - joke fans; an embarrassment.
  10. I''d agree if the players and manager thought it. Instead of focusing on being beat, they might roll their sleeves up and refuse to be beat ..most times that wouldn''t be enough against our future four opponents. Most times yes, but not every time.
  11. Optimistic - nothing good will come from being anything else. We may go down, but by God we''ll go fighting, and or every point. Its all we can ask, and the weirdest thing is that despite playing four of the top teams in Europe, desire allied to belief allied to a system that is believed in MIGHT produce results. What I will say is that I have far more belief in Adams methods than I do in Chris Hughtons. Actually, on that point, where''s Parma''s ham gone mouldy when you need him for some substantive opinion ....?
  12. Let''s hope the people who can still keep us up aren''t throwing in the towel just yet, unlike some supporters. We historically lose against Fulham. We historically raise our game against the big boys. Football produces strange results. It isn''t over ...yet. There are four very hard games left, but not impossible ...lets hope the playing staff give their all in preparation and performance. Lets play our part too in these games ..not waiting to be entertained (because you''ve paid your money) but roaring our team on -even through inevitable setbacks. You never know ..its not over yet.
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