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  1. Only if Todd goes. We play with 3 behind the striker. Dowell, Placheta, Argos as the backups (Vrancic and Steipi to go) Todd plus 2 others, or 3 if he goes. Edit: i'm only shooting the 5h1t here - i'm aware some people will be sharpening their knives in my direction
  2. I'm an analyst in my day job, the algorithm might be exciting...
  3. Todd when sold should hopefully cover existing commitments...
  4. Sell Aarons and Buendia 60mil minimum? Reinvest in 3 x AMs, 1 x DM, 1 x CB, 1 x RB. Prem money not touched and will hopefully cover wages Postage stamp economics i am aware...
  5. No thanks, our nearest 3 rivals have tough games on Saturday.
  6. Hanley wouldn't get into any prem starting 11, so why should he ours? Zimbo would be a car crash waiting to happen in the prem. Lets aim a bit higher... 2 of Famewo / Bushiri / Omobamidele as backups to a back pair of Gibson plus another Maybe keep Hanley, i just don't want our kids paths to be blocked
  7. If we are super lucky we can non stop win, get promotion and have several games to try the young ones out lol I'm an eternal optimist i know...
  8. I was really hoping this season we would blood a couple of youngsters...
  9. I agree with a lot of what you say, defence-wise he is a rock, but distribution-wise he is lacking. If we want to make a good fist of staying up, we need someone who can transition quickly from defence to attack. Someone again like Ben Godfrey! Again i think you are right though, if i was making a priority list, it wouldn't be the top of the list, AMs would be for me.
  10. Main issue for me is... if we play 4-2-3-1 still. Cantwell and Emi go. If Placheta, Argos, Stiepi, Vrancic and Dowell aren't the answer, then we need a lot of players... If we get promoted, for me we will also need... a RB to replace Aarons CB as Hanley isn't good enough DCM as Kenny isn't good enough and hope we can get Tottenham to loan us Skipp again Only my opinions, nobody get mad...
  11. I was thinking the opposite, it's the best chance to pick up young talented attacking midfielder types, the lure of the prem
  12. I think being a realist we will lose Emi, Aarons and Cantwell (Unless we offer him a decent contract). High hopes for Mumba as an eventual replacement, but not sure the other 2 are within our ranks, have to go back to our trusty scouts.
  13. I think they sell it in Morrisons if i remember rightly... very moreish!
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