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  1. Gutted. We have been nothing but a success since he joined us. The odds would always be on us going down at some point due to the size of our club. The only way this won''t be a disaster is if we get another proven performer in, with knowledge and the appetite. Not 100% convinced we will. But I was proven wrong when McNally joined us, and I live in hope again. Still gutted.
  2. Possibly morty, but maybe a draw so no one gains any confidence too! (Def not a Sunderland win tho!)
  3. Good result for us. We''ve cut 2 teams adrift. Villa are 100% certs to go down, Sunderland must be like 97% certs (realistically they may need to win 9 of their remaining 19). Lets hope Newcastle are next to go and a win in the next which is realistic would help increase that gap for us obviously.
  4. Gives a good balance between attack and defence and the 3 attacking mids aren''t afraid to work hard in general.
  5. I hate 2 up front, so its a big no from me. pink''un posters seem to love a good 2 up front, but its changed a bit over the last 2 years, so you wont find quite as much support for this idea as you once would have.
  6. [quote user="Wes Hooly Fan"]Jan Veneggor of Hesselink and Giovanni van Bronckhorst would be big name signings.[/quote] I like these as big names. What about: Reza Ghoochannejhad Thats a pretty big name.
  7. Good to see Wessi being selected in so many teams after being written off as a starter by a lot of people earlier in the season. Seems of late that if he starts we win - But now i''ve gone and jinxed it!
  8. Do i think RVW will play for us again? No Could he make it in the Prem? Yes If he had played for Lambert or AN where the team ventured over the half way line the its likely he would have done better. However he played for CH whose tactic was to defend and not get beat. I never understood why he bought 2 primo strikers to play one up front. Playing 50% of the time less injuries in addition to the defensive formation was never gonna end well. CH needed someone toadvise him that when spending millions on players they need to be starters, not a 50% of the time rotating striker.
  9. Not interested in the arguments, so not taking sides. Interesting that despite the league position, a few bookies have us down to win the league. If i took the emotion out and didnt support Norwich, i think our form was such that i would bet on us to win the league. The style of footy we play now removes some of the randomness of football as our superior players to most teams will retain possession of the footy and as everyone knows, you need the footy to win. AN takes all the credit for our better footballing style. I think because of this we will remain more consistent unlike earlier in the season. The only added factor really in this is nerves and a little bit of luck with injuries and ref decisions.
  10. I think most of us do know and have watched him alartz, obviously the younger ones won''t have. Plus I strongly disagree with Temp, he goes no more missing than anyone else, sometimes other people don''t go missing but are just rubbish.
  11. Wes all the way. summed up by Johnsons goal. Great goal, but it doesn''t happen without Wes. His quick thought proceeses, quick feet and accuracy of pass. He may not have got the goal or the assist, but turned midfield possession into something great with those attributes. He''ll work well under our manager as this manager is about ball to feet.
  12. lol I got it to work once masking Firefox, but it just froze when i did the same thing again. Damned websites designed for IE. And damned Android for not having any IE emulation. Still Pete assures us the upgrade is ''soon'', so i will lurk until sorted i guess.
  13. [quote user="Downloads"]If you need a place to test quoting then use this thread, need a place to test linking, use this thread, i''m going to quote myself in a minute and i''m prepared to look like a tool until i get this crappy android tablet working properly![/quote] Re-re-testing
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