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  1. Why is there so much bloody negativity from everyone on here? We have gone for the best we could get we have to remember we are a LEAGUE ONE club at present time and therefore wont be as attractive to some people. lets face it why would the likes of Darren Ferguson, Chris Coleman & all the other names brandished around from CHAMPIONSHIP clubs want to come here? we where looking for someone with lower league experiance(Semi final carling cup with whycombe, took colchester last year from relegation in october to play of push by the end) and some one whos young and hungry. I for one am firmly behind McNallys decision and will be backing 100% to bring back succesfull times for this football club. lets give him a fantastic welcome at his first home game on sat and sing our hearts out to get the team back where we belong. Good luck Paul OTBC!
  2. wes will create and holt will score 20+ goals also OTJ to shine in centre mid
  3. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1744829,00.html   theres the link on the official sitethere saying they wanna negotiate it and get him out. big mistake imo hes the best centre half we have but then if he wants to leave....
  4. its funny how someone can be so commited one minute then 2 months later want out!?
  5. I am also very optamistic about the season ahead donno if thats a good thing or a bad thing anymore lol. i believe with the squad weve got and 25000 fans behind us every week this could be our most succesful season since we won div 1 a few years ago. I cant wait to get back in the barclay tomorow and sing my heart out for the boys. OTBC
  6. messed that up a lil bit with the stuff at the bottom oops! also ipswhich is twice
  7. Aston Villa, West Brom x2, West Ham, Reading, Leeds x2, Milwall, Cardiff (Ninian Park), Cardiff (Millenium Stadium), Port Vale, Wolves x2, Tamworth, Norwich, Ipswich, Barcelona, Preston x2, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Birmingham, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Liverpool, Arsenal (The Emirates), Q.P.R, Hull, Coventry (Highfield Road), Southampton (St Marys), Midlesborough, Man Utd, Man City (City Of Manchester Stadium), Grimsby, Blackburn, Sunderland (Stayed up there when it got snowed off and didn''t see a game but got to stand on the pitch!!), Crystal Palace, Derby County, Leicester City, Watford and going to Wembely on Sunday to watch the community shield with a couple of manc mates. So thats 7 on Sunday!                   Preston x2 Liverpool Everton Man City (COM Stadium) Man Utd Arsenal (Emerites) Spurs Q.P.R Grimsby Birmingham Blackburn Midlesborough Hull Sheffield United Sheffield Wednesday Southampton
  8. why would you wanna watch that rubbish again!?
  9. carl cort was a waste of space last season. he scored one goal and had one good game agaisnt wolves but apart from that for a big man he never got really stuck in and always looked off the pace. alright hes had this big injury but you saw the difference when we brought lee and mooney in instead.
  10. the worst experiance i had was when we went to cardiff a few years ago last away game of the season and we won 1-0. we where driving out in the club canary when we got hurled with bricks at our coaches. not nice!!
  11. so we signed him on a free from celta vigo but last season he was on loan to barcalona b!? in confussed lol
  12. any tribute to the great man will be muchly greeted by me. i think if anyone had the nerve to shout scum if we done a silence then surely they could be singled out with the technology these days? lets give him the send off and the song he deserves
  13. hoolohan can not be sold for any price he is far to valuable and if we wanna get promotion i think him whlaey and holt will be the fire power and creativity that will get us up. as for a replacement i think hucks comin back could go somwhere towards that but i wouldnt sell wes untill we are guarunteed hucks will return.
  14. Had a look thought it was good, I must be a geek
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