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  1. First question to ask must be - how much will it cost us. I know from sport reports here in Derby that they will need to increase the capacity to at least 40,000 (min requirement) and with all other factors taking in to account they estimte it will cost them between 15M and 25M to be a host City. Fifa''s fee for being a host City is an amazing cost. I cant remember the quote.
  2. Billy Davis will be on the shortlist - thats my opinion
  3. Good, it is what the F.A Cup is all about, they should be allowed to play the tie at their home ground.
  4. I don''t understand people who leave early, even if they are old or have a long way to go, you dont go and pay to see a film and leave 5 mins from the end, so why leave a match early, especially when there is a chance of us getting a point.
  5. This is my best 11 Keelan Culverhouse Forbes Watson Sullivan Paddon Peters O''Neil McGuire MacDougall Drinkell It is a hard task, but Hucks can''t make it into my best 11
  6. What the hell have Colchester got going for them? NOTHING. When you think of it, if Colchester were that good why would Lambert leave? Well here are a few pointers why 1. Never ever will Colchester get into the Premier League 2. Never ever will they see over 25,000 fans at their home ground week in week out, even if it were big enough. 3. Norwich are a far bigger club than Colchester.
  7. Manchester United Newcastle United Charlton Athletic Rotherham United
  8. I wonder why Derby paid £750,000 for him and he has still to make their first team? Went out on loan almost at once and even when Derby were short on strikers he has never given a chance.
  9. Looks like we may need more players than we thought, although I think you do not have to fill all 7 places on the bench, just as well at the minute.
  10. We cant afford a broom, maybe we could get one on a season long loan from the council.
  11. Here was here at Derby, He was totally useless, could not hit a barn door, he made Dean Coney look like a world beater.
  12. I just feel that if any bids come in for them, the board will sell them
  13. Yes I agree, he should stump up, but I bet he wont put much in. I''m taking my rebate.
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