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  1. He was not injury prone during his long loan at Swindon. Hopefully recent injuries are bad luck and he will come good in the future. The from what little I have seen of him he looked good and the manager must think so as he was given a new contract.
  2. We do not set up well for set pieces. Its been the case for a long time. I think a specialist defensive coach is needed.
  3. I don''t think that our set pieces are good enough in defence or attack. In defence we do not have enough big blokes. In attack we could vary it a bit more to get people into better positions because in many cases the opposition are bigger so we have to rely on moving people around and changing things.
  4. I think Godfrey or Thompson should be given a try.
  5. I think its just a blip . Remi did well on loan last season.
  6. Maybe we could do a swop with Naismith . He cost us £8M, Rhodes cost them £10M. Naismith + £2M. Seems fair.
  7. If you look at the wages in the SPL they are very low particularly if you discount Celtic and rangers. 1/4 his wages is more than most earn at Celtic and almost certainly more than anyone at any other club. That is one reason Scottish football is so poor.
  8. I hope that the reason we are not playing Raggett is that he does not play the ball out of defence as someone suggested. Duncan Forbes never did and he was a legend. I Remember John Bond criticising Roger Brown for that on what was I believe was his first home game for the club and the best defensive display for Norwich seen in months. He had replaced Phil Hoadley who had been playing out of position in central defence. Hoadley never played the ball out of defence either but that was because he was out jumped and out muscled and hardly ever touched the ball. The first duty of a central defender is to clear the ball away from danger. We don''t know how well Raggett can do that yet. I would have thought that the last few matches where others were not fit would have been a good opportunity to find out.
  9. It has to be Marley Watkins for me. His record on paper looked good. I had no hopes for Jarvis so he could not disappoint. Any show from him would have been a bonus.
  10. Why does Tettey say he is not in control. He can control his decision given to any offer. He pays his agent so he is in control of him. The agent is not in control, he is a paid servant.
  11. They need to keep one or two players up at corners or free kicks to allow a quick break. It will not lead to conceding more because the opposition will have to leave someone to mark them.
  12. I hope this is not one we come to regret. I have not seen him play but from very good reports it seemed that he could have a bright future. Rangers think so . Unless there is some overwhelming reason we don''t know about it seems very puzzling to let him go. It would not have cost much to keep him for another year; play him pre season , league cup , out on loan then decide.
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