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  1. Arnold was released and signed for Grays and Gallagher is gone. It''s Marshall, Gilks and Rudd I believe. [quote user="Giovani Dos Santos"] Goalkeepers - Marshall, Gallagher, Arnold Right Back - Otsemobor Centre Back - Shackell, Doc?! Left Back - Drury Right Midfield - Chadwick, Croft Centre Midfield - Clingan, Russell, Fozzie, Spillane, Gow?! Left Midfield - Pattison, Eagle Striker - Cureton, Martin   So in my eyes we still need two centre backs at least, one left back, one right back, a left winger, and two strikers... Any ideas?! Id suggest Cork and Bertrand on loan for the two full back slots Gorkks and Rob Jones for the centre back slots Hoolahan for the left midfield berth Boyd and Phillips for the striker slots [/quote]
  2. I watched it on CanariesWorld and this is all true. When she was talking about investment she sort of had a cheeky smirk on her face, a hinting kind of face. She also knows what a small squad we have! For a change I''m getting positive vibes, it''s all good.
  3. But that''s all this club will sign. Cheap has-beens or loanee kiddie winks. [:|] Not neccessarily my view but the one upholded here by some.
  4. Looked at the picture with Jamie Cureton in it first, thought instantly it was black. Then looked at Pete''s pic with the two away kits and saw green around the badge, looked at the one with Jamie in it again and all I could see was a dark green.[:|]
  5. I''m not bothered that the new away shirt is only for one year. But I purchased the red away kit where it stated 2007/2009 so I''m not having that!! I''ll get over it though, after a few crocodile tears.
  6. At least if I stay in Europe when I might emigrate in a few years I will be watching Peter Cullum''s City play in the UEFA Cup. Pinch me
  7. If you believe that then do you have a debit card and if so whats your pin number.
  8. [quote user="fozzy rules"]i would cerinly put a bid in because we wanted him a couple of years ago and jamie cureron could not hit a barn door standing a meter a way he is useless i would try and get clinton morrison to replace jamie cureton [/quote] I never knew you had to bid for free agents...
  9. [quote user="cityangel"]Thought the odds would be a lot more than that??[/quote] You might be thinking of the odds to win the title.
  10. Because the teams in East Anglia arnt well known or good enough
  11. Well he had to say it at same point. I bet at the time he only said he didn''t miss out on any targets to keep supporters happy moaning about the lack of funds. But if he kept saying that then supporters would assume that he''s not doing anything in the transfer market.
  12. [quote user="arrdee"]No Vibes I mean my e mail inbox I want to get a photo that someone has sent me onto the message board and I have no idea how to do it . Thanks for helping vibes no one seems to want to help arrdee other than you . you lovely old boy . arrdee.[/quote] Ok so go onto your email inbox (I assume you know that part...) and open the email, done by left-clicking on the email on most Email providers. Now if we look at the email we should see the file that was sent, you can look for what you expect it to be named and if its a picture the attachment should have something like .jpg, .png or .bmp at the end. On Google Mail for example, it should appear at the bottom of the email. It varies on what email provider but to download the attachment, there should be a clear Download image or Download text. Once you have pressed that, there may be a anti-virus check. Let that happen. Now you should be prompted to do what you want with the file, press the Save button and take a look at the address bit (similar to on Internet Explorer) as to where the file is being saved, for example My Documents or Desktop so we know where it is. Once it has downloaded you can close the download box. Now we minimize all our open windows to get to the desktop, to do this press the "-" button at the top right of Internet Explorer and other programs. Once we have done this either double click on the file if it was saved on the Desktop or open the My Documents folder or where ever else you saved it, on your Desktop and do it that way. The picture should open with whatever program you have set up to open the .jpg file etc. Ok, if the picture shows up press the ''X'' button at the top right section. Open up a new Internet Explorer window (or alternatively press Ctrl + N on this window). Go through the procedure I explained before about deleting the address but rather than www.youtube.com type in www.tinypic.com and press the Enter button or press Go. Once we are on the site, you should see the "File:" bit with a white space and the "Browse" button. Click the Browse butotn. Now we are prompted with a similar screen to what we found when we downloaded the attachment. Search for the photo by clicking the arrow next to the "Look in:" bit at the top and changing it to My Documents or whereever you saved it. Click on it once and press the enter button or alternatively the "Open" button if you can see it. Now press the big green "UPLOAD NOW" button, that should be to hard to see. Once it has uploaded, look for the "IMG Code for Message Boards" heading, click on the http:// address which is covered in [IMG] tags and it will automatically copy it for you. Create a new post on the Pink''Un, and press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the link. The link should look something like this without the space in it (done so the image is not embedded on my post) [ IMG]http://i29.tinypic.com/2m5dxcn.jpg[/IMG] Your image should show up on the forum. No problem, arrdee. I have no problems helping you as you are a grateful, respectable poster. This was a long guide and a lot to take in but I hope I helped in some way.
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