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  1. It seems in the championship a lot of teams have it on their back, do anyone know if we will.
  2. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Friday 2pm [;)][/quote] Neil Lennon Friday 2pm
  3. [quote user="El Convento"]I heard yesterday from a friend who heard it from a high-up at FCR that it will be Zola, and that he has bought a house in Wymondham...[/quote] Well I live in Wymondham and I haven''t seen him in Waitrose..... yet!
  4. Was going to buy my nephew a Norwich shirt for his birthday, do any one know if we''re getting a new kit for next season?
  5. Late bid for Obertan from Newcastle is on the cards. From Ladbrokes web site.
  6. Just on sky sports, nothing coming in! Was only talking about Wes and Yobo. Players leaving training behind reporter in there flash cars.
  7. Take off your yellow and green specs, honestly which 3 clubs are going down. Cardiff. Fulham and west ham for me
  8. Anyone else notice coins were being thrown into the Jarrold stand by the Newcastle fans. Lady sitting a few rows in front of me getting hit. Hope she was ok. Poor showing.
  9. Rumour is we''re after Newcastle defender Taylor. Thoughts???? Believe he is 28,
  10. Just wondering if any of you named your pets after a player or anything connected to carrow road. I had a cat called Flecky. ( Robert fleck of course) just a bit of fun this!
  11. Any news on him yet? He seems a big strong unit. A good signing?
  12. A big fat NO. What a season were having. Any way were only 3 points of swansea in 8th. 14 POINTS off bottom 3 and a much better goal difference. Happy days................ Enjoy the rest of the season and lets see where we finish, DONT FORGET 2 seasons ago LEAGUE 1
  13. Are we getting a new kit next season? seen in club shop that this season kit is on sale, which usually means the end for that kit.
  14. one goal at the holte end or 3 goals at the other end. true mate think of the headlines in the papers
  15. think your right Bovril, Cant think of any more
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