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  1. That simply does not happen for me! I don''t know if it''s my browser or I''m just being very dumb. Nonetheless, thanks for the link!
  2. http://yellowreflection.blogspot.co.uk/ Hoping this link works, but doubtful judging by previous attempts. I''ve been updating my reflections with every game and hope some of you can take the time to read. Thoughts and comments very welcome - as is a working link!
  3. Why can I never make this a link... http://yellowreflection.blogspot.co.uk/ (take two... if not, NN if you see this, your ability to provide a link would be appreciated!) :)
  4. http://yellowreflection.blogspot.co.uk/ As posted before, just a link to my blog where I''ve been posting my thoughts on the season.
  5. Thanks for all the responses! They''re much appreciated. NN - Thanks for the link! I''ll have to make an effort to get a pick in now I''ve come back on here. It''s been a while! lharman - average maybe first half, but really thought he put himself about second half including one excellent challenge to prevent a one-on-one with Ruddy. Vazza - Thank you very much! I''ll try to make sure I post them back up here. It''s certainly improved the views which is nice to see!
  6. Hi everybody, I''ve created a new blog which I will try to regularly update throughout the season. It''s just a chance for me to put down my thoughts from the game whilst also giving me some written material to show for myself. Thought I should post it on here just to promote it a bit more. If anyone would like to read it that would be great, feedback most certainly welcomed. Thanks! http://yellowreflection.blogspot.co.uk
  7. Haha, very good! and thank you! One day to go and I''m on £930! I know this will mainly be ignored but a £2 donation from anybody that can spare it would be really appreciated, all helps push the money up and I''m trying to get the the elusive £1000 mark! Worth a final push! Thank you. Shaun.
  8. And it would appear I no longer have the ability to post hyperlinks, so if anybody could sort that for me (unless this works, in which case, great!) That would also be good! http://www.justgiving.com/skydive-4-mind
  9. I have not posted on here for a long time, but there''s no better reason to return in hope of raising a bit more money for my charity skydive. I am raising money for Mind - The Mental Health Charity. Of which our very own Stephen Fry is President. I set myself an original target of £250, as I only had a couple of weeks to raise, but now I''ve surpassed all my own expectations and have passed the £700 mark! More information, including why I felt Mind was a good charity to raise for, can be found on my donation page. http://www.justgiving.com/skydive-4-mind If any of you can spare a few quid to support my cause and help push the total up that I have raised for charity, I would be extremely grateful. Any donation at all means a lot to me, so don''t be put off if you can only afford a couple of quid. That would be superb! Thanks, Shaun.
  10. So our best player against Wigan, the most creative player in our squad, gets left out for one game and the majority of people forget he exists. Excellent...
  11. To be honest, the game was dire. One of the worst I''ve ever seen. I''m not going to judge any players by one reserve performance. But Pilkington was poor. The best players for us were Leon Barnett by a mile, and Brindley at RB. The rest- not great.
  12. [quote user="cityangel"] Looks like McVeigh may have the job, so I''ll need an interupter [:)] He hints at Radio Norfolk job on twittter ''''Great opportunity to work at the Parma game today for the first time and really looking forward to the rest of the season! #NCFC'''' [/quote]   Does that mean the Parma game is on the radio?
  13. Personally I wouldn''t say they were ''noticeable'' absences at all... considering both Askou and OTJ were their yesterday - and Wilbraham was at both.
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