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  1. that it will be leeds striker mr beckford shola smoke screen? may be both get rid of beccles boy martin and lap dog lappin and we are laughinglol 
  2. so do we get a big striker b4 next saturday? i dont think we will  thats it got feeling... no i dont live with my mum coz she dead! who posted that yes2day
  3. showed 11 minutes of city game on the senta cannel until it froze and then went blank at least i saw the og goal!
  4. best comment in weeks staged by the club its got to be!!!! welcome to city fulhamlads
  5. it needs to be a LARGE ONE- FINE CITY so the new faces can find it!!!! pob end up in yarmouth!
  6. NOTHING!does the football shop shut at wekends? the club do nothing from 430 friday until 9am monday? lets all crash dunstall hall 4 arave! love to know wat really going on?!
  7. why the new lads not been seen in there new kit? why gr has not commented on the gow situtation? why did the suffolkcow mention investment but when came to hot in the kitchen she jump out of the fire? and why are we so slow at signing new faces with 4 weeks to go to the sart of the season grrrrr
  8. maybe a wise thing only gives u grey hair lol -like women
  9. would the staff who work there  know staying there and tip the press of and fans ? they must be gagged by the club paid to say nothing...? somebody must know somebody who works there?
  10. sorry 4 any posting in the past just want the best for the club. i know nothing about who going to sign,
  11. it was a joke funny tho play him up front /god where urs sence of humer
  12. i think things will start happing from monday 3 deals as promised by a fellow poster ...... we wait and c the c does not mean cullum either
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