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  1. A debate doesn''t need to start with a question. Forget it, no one dares respond to the point made.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to do all the tick boxing exercises to confirm my validity as a Norwich fan, I raised a point, I was looking forward to the debate.
  3. Agree with Smooth in that; "I do feel Mbokani is a more rounded forwarded and can perform well in this league. I do feel he should be ahead of Grabban on ability not on what has happened this Summer. " Tonight is the ideal game to have a look at Mbokani. I am sure we are paying good money for him. A home Carling Cup game against WB does not attract the same degree of importance as an away, Premier League game, at Anfield. Take a look at Mbokani without the Premier League pressure, and take a call on throwing him in during league games.
  4. Been a few times. I know this won''t apply in your case but it''s best to drink at London Bridge and then getting the train. After them game, away fans are held back and advised (whilst waiting) about mixing with home fans locally. That said we got on the train with a load of Milwall fans and had a great chat and banter.
  5. I don''t care if NA is dressed in an inflatable Mr Blobby outfit as long as he gets results
  6. Refusing to accept a wage reduction based on relegation despite contracted to do so. Club looking into a breach of contract with a view to termination.
  7. I thought the BBC cut the commentary off at source for the Internet, something to to with rights to broadcast live football outside of the local audience. Therefore I doubt any apps would be able to get round this .
  8. As a season ticket holder I think I''ve missed four or five games over the past two seasons - mainly due to family commitments - including becoming a dad in 2013. Rightly or wrongly I don''t use the buy back scheme, as give my dad first refusal. If he can''t make it, I''ve a few close mates who are Norwich fans, so I just drop them a text and they use my ticket if they fancy it. The point is it never goes to waste and never to a non-Norwich fan.
  9. [quote user="The Plastic Finder General"]Just been released by Banska Bystrica. A proven goal threat. Could be just what we''re looking for?[/quote]TWTD could be just the messageboard you''re looking for.
  10. How can we be in for someone without a manager?  I would have thought they would have their own ideas on potential signings.
  11. [quote user="bloodwagon"][quote user="River End Canary"]You couldn''t make it up. Set your own deadline under no pressure. Don''t meet it and then come up with a load of crap excuses why you didn''t hit it. Another death rather than relegation moment from mchopeless. It is happening way way to often[/quote]You dont know whats going on, Could be contracts, could be holidays, could be anything, so until we find out who it is and why, no good shouting your mouth off and crying like a baby. bet you have missed a few deadlines in your life and didnt get upset about it.Power to the board for taking time to sort it out.[/quote]Agreed, if it takes longer to get the right person then so be it.  I''d rather we make a good appointment than be pressured into a snap decision.  Yes the board gave themselves a deadline, but it''s been missed - because contractual issues might not be that straightford - deal with it.
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