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  1. Will be getting the train from Warrington (staying at the girlfriends for the weekend), just wondered what time the yellow army will start arriving at the station in Wigan, its about a mile walk to the DW and would rather do it with a few other canaries! OTBC
  2. If its any help ill be driving from Dartford to Warrington the Friday night? Its only 20 mins/half hour from Wigan, but I''ll be staying all weekend so you might need a lift back. A long shot, but you never know.
  3. [quote user="Carra Rud"]This for me, was worse than the Colchester disaster.[/quote] I''d have to agree, we''d just got rid of Gunn and had no real proff that Lambert could do anything with what we had. How has he done it?!?! amazing!
  4. Just found this review i did of the Brentford away game in 2009, Paulm Lambert had just been announced as our manager. WOW OH WOW how things have changed....just incredible, genuinely incredible! Thank you Mr Lambert!
  5. Use this thread to give the one best thing about our club this season, no negativity, just celebrate the moment and enjoy being able to decide which thing it is for once rather than whether there is anything good! haha! Mine would have to be... Feeling like we finally have our club back. This season is how a Norwich City supporter should feel. OTBC
  6. Reading through this thread has made me realise just how much trust we have gained in our manager, and rightly so! Alot of the players that are mentioned in the thread were Lambert signings who not many people gave a chance/hope of putting us where we are today. Just strikes me (yet again) just how lucky we are at the moment and how far we have come since McNally and Lamberts team came into place. Nice one OP for posing the question by the way, interesting responses too.
  7. [quote user="a1canary"]I think your Q3 is a massive part of all this and i was going to post about this myself. The point being that he bolsters our promotion bid now but also gives us a massive head start on strengthening for next season in the Chamionship if that''s were we are going to be. It gets one over on the other teams who are looking at him with a view to their next campaign in the Champ.The biggest question mark over the whole thing is whether or not he is a good signing for the premiership. But if we''re IN the premiership next season, WHO GIVES A F*** ANYWAY!! WAHEY![/quote] Bang on A1 :-D
  8. Q.3. Do we need the money to strengthen the current squad should we be promoted? ***should read..should we NOT get promoted?...*** edit button grrrr
  9. I''ve been thinking about the situation and here are the questions I came up with and the answers which led to me thinking that we should take a gamble on the £3,000,000 price tag.. Q.1. Say we don''t go out and meet P''boro''s estimation of Mackail-Smith now, will we want to go back and sign him in the summer? A. I think we probably would, if not someone of the same ilk and therefore pricetag. Q.2. Will CMS''s pricetag be hugely different in the summer? A. I can see him being slightly less expensive, but with a year left to run on his contract I can only see a reduction of around £500,000 Q.3. If we gamble on CMS, will our squad be stronger this year AS WELL as next year in the worst case scenario that we are not promotion? A. Undoubtably, with CMS in the squad next year, should we not get promoted, will will have a striker fully aquanted with the rest of the squad ready for the start of a season and no need for reinforcemnts upfront during the break. PLUS we will have hime for the run in this season. Q.3. Do we need the money to strengthen the current squad should we be promoted? A. Not to the extent that we couldn''t reley on player sales to fund transfers. Selling players such as Jackson (if CMS signs) or McNamee would fund a possible cover at right back for R.Martin, which is the only other cover I can see that we need for another year in the championship. Q.4 Does CMS WANT to play for us? A. Clearly that answer is yes, in the summer his attentions may be deflected elsewhere should he continue as he has this season. To summerise, The amount that we would save by signing CMS now as opposed to the in the summer, added to his desire to join US now and the almost perfect squad to fight another championship season already in place is far outweighed. The benefit of having a potent, in form striker partnering Holt for our remaining games and potentially firing ourselves back into the Premiership has to be worth that small risk, after all, wasn''t it a 3 year plan anyway?! OTBC!
  10. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]I tell you snakepit lass...you will be bouncing up and down in the snakepit come May... [/quote] cheeky!
  11. A leopard doesn''t change its spots... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37eln66RNj0&feature=aso sick
  12. Can i ask a possible silly question...? How has Russell Martin had 3 shots on target and scored 4? Do you take into account off target shots that deflected in?!
  13. Great info guys, thanks We''ll head down towards the station nice and early and see you all there! OTBC
  14. Hi all Looking forward to Saturday, where will be the best away pub? I''m staying at the girlfriends on Eccleshall Rd so will start at the Wetherspoons there I expect, Where will the majority be heading? Cheers!
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