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  1. I bought a single adult ticket this evening and asked if you had to go in with a U16 and was told yes you do!
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Trains run every half hour on the hour and half hour and The 5hithole known as The Station Hotel is open from 9am.[/quote] Quick question, I have tickets for the football special train but will they only be valid for that train or a earlier one?
  3. Any idea when Chelsea away tickets go on sale? Looked on club site but nothing on there!
  4. [quote user="Hannibal II"]I''ve never heard more utter tripe in all my life! The very fact we finished a comfortable mid table side last season with pretty much the same or as some would preach worse squad then, we have taken an almighty step backwards. Hughton has taken a very good attacking team when he came in and turned it into a shambles. If we stay up this year it will be the luck of having three worse teams than us rather than Hughton masterminding it.[/quote] couldn''t agree more!
  5. When Michu scored the chant of Hughton Sort It Out was heard, in my opinion he is starting to lose sections of the crowd and when that happens the writing is usually on the wall!
  6. [quote user="Vanwink"]Very poor effort to save the goal. WTF is going on, we have :Dec out on loan who is a far better keeper than Camp and Jed on the bench who again is a Norfolk boy who has done good for us in the past[/quote]. What about Hoolahan giving the ball away cheaply that led to the goal
  7. I think you will find your heading up not down trid, are u on the beers already
  8. [quote user="Militant Canary"]If he signs, give him a bloody chance. Seriously doubt it, though. Truth be told, I''m not worried either way- Hughton is a better judge of a player than you or me. Or, do you know. better than him?[/quote]. I would give him a chance definitely, just saying I hope we don''t go for him as in my opinion he wont improve the squad
  9. CMS to sign by tomorrow according to Twitter, hope not..
  10. I just have a hunch Ruddy will be on his way to Manchester United in January,
  11. How do you know compensation would wipe out our January transfer budget?? Staying in the premier league is the aim and hughton is taking us one way at the moment, getting rid of him and his backroom team and replacing them with someone who can get the best out of our squad as Lambert did will be money well spent!!
  12. Good luck to them, we proved last season that you don''t have to lay out that sort of money to stay up, massive risk for them if it doesn''t work out I would assume!
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