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  1. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] Thanks Arrdee and Inch High [Y] I''ve been looking forward to my go at this and I shall do my best, but I can only do that with everybodys help so keep those excellent picks coming. Everybody''s selection shall be considered in the final choices (is it 6 or 5 I have to pick by the way). And also do I get a nap this week? If so I''ll place my nap at the same time as I reveal the bet for this weekend on friday. I work friday night so my choices should be on at about 9pm Friday. Is that ok? Thanks one again. [/quote] Yes thats fine Shaun, 6 selections is spot on and of course you get to make a "nap" as for mine its Inter Milan with my fingers crossed, Good luck Shaun....[Y]..arrdee.
  2. Yes you lovely old Pickers its time to get your "naps" in for the Free Bet this weekend and its another of our young lions that has joined us this season Ncfc Shaun, who happens to be moving up Nuttys league at a fair old pace who is in charge. I am sure you are all aware that we are in the grip of winters chill with the likelihood of the cold strengthening bringing with it more postponed matches. I feel it is our duty as Pickers when giving Shaun our "nap" we also give him our assurance that our selection has the chance of being  played, this requires diligence and common sense on our part, we must keep our weather eye open all the time, in the same manner that the lovely old Lappinitup did last week , he followed his selection up with all the information he could, leaving no stone unturned and was rewarded with the only fixture played in the Blue square league and a winner to boot, so well done Lapp. Remember there is nothing worse than having a postponed match amongst the 6 as it brings the payout down by so much and if we have 2 or 3 its a wasted week altogether but I am sure we can overcome all of this with our wonderful team of Pickers. There is also for your consideration an almost full league programme from the sunny pastures of Europe. So all that remains is for me to hand over the Free Bet, there you are Shaun its with you now. Good luck....[Y]..arrdee.
  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"] Sorry I didn''t get back to you before - Cam it was fine to change yours so you were on Villa. And Maccy Dee wasn''t too late and was on Villa too. Congratulations to my friend Gazzathegreat who made a winning debut this week. I can''t do the stats because we are waiting for Blackburns game on Monday night. What I can tell you is that it''s getting very tight at the top of our PUPs League. I''ll be back after Mondays match.   [/quote] Yes it was hard luck Mr Bump but you will return and get even I am sure. It seems to me that the lovely old lady of luck "Miss Fortune" has turned her back on poor arrdee over the last month and appears to be quite angry with poor arrdee, for Sevilla to be leading 1-0 with Min''s to go to finish 1-1 is indeed cruel and with 9 bookings in the match it also seems Sevilla and Osasuna wanted to kick lumps out of each other , cant they get along together? Remember what Nutty said the Free Bet has cost us nothing thanks to Dixmar and with the entertainment we have had this weekend we are in fact the winners. As Nutty has said he will be back later with his stats and his wonderful leagues which will make interesting reading and of course the Free Bet will move on again next weekend and we will have another of our young Pickers Ncfc Shaun in charge who has joined us this season and happens to be going really well but thats all in the future. I will talk to you later.....[Y]..arrdee.
  4. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]I have made my selections, sorry if you haven''t got your nap in yet Chelsea to beat Southend Arsenal to beat Plymouth Middlesbrough to beat Barrow AFC Rangers to beat Inverness CT The New Saints FC to beat Newi Cefn Druids FC Sevilla to beat Osasuna Sorry if I didn''t choose your nap, there were so many good ones to choose from. All of these look nailed on so fingers crossed for no ''Cupsets''[/quote] Yes you lovely old Pickers the bet is on thanks to the wonderful Mr Bump and of course Dixmar Racing. The bet is..... 1-9    Chelsea 2-9    Arsenal 1-5    Middlesbrough 2-5    Rangers 1-4    The New Saints 2-5    Sevilla Which will win £29-93p, which is wonderful with such great selections, you are in with a heck of a shout this weekend Mr Bump. Thanks for that Bumpy you have done all us Pickers proud . Good luck to all you Pickers. I will talk to you all later....[Y]..arrdee.
  5. Now all you lovely old Pickers lets keep those selections coming in. I do feel there is a win on the cards this week for the wonderful Mr Bump . My "nap" this week for what its worth is F C Sevilla and I am hoping to get back on the winning trail. Good luck Mr Bump and to all you lovely old Pickers....[Y]..arrdee.
  6. Yes you lovely Pickers its Free Bet time again and its the start of the brand new year 2009. Lets hope that the coming year brings us Norwich City supporters as much enjoyment and entertainment as last years did and fill the coffers of our wonderful Academy. The first weekend in Jan is always special because of the magic of the F A Cup. The coming together of the big clubs with the minnows of the football world,  all with their hopes and dream''s. The Free Bet''s Picker in charge this week is the wonderful Mr Bump, another of our young guns that has joined us this season and has taken to the Free Bet with ease. So lets get those "naps" in and help Mr Bump all we can . I am now handing it over to you Mr Bump the Free Bet is with you , good luck. I would like to thank each and everyone of you lovely Pickers for making the Free Bet the success it has become and I would also like to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year but above all this I wish you love, health and laughter because without these important ingredients we have nothing. Thanks to you all....Ray.
  7. Yes it was hard luck Pete but I am sure you enjoyed it and as Nutty has said we go on to next week with a clean sheet, the bet has cost us nothing thanks to Dixmar Racing, It now seems I have entered a bad run which every Picker goes through at some stage, Inchy has just been through it as well as has Nutty, Shaun went through his early in the season which is perhaps the best time to experience a losing run. Gentleman Jim started with 6 winners followed by 4 losers and has now embarked on on a magnificent run of something like 10 winners on the bounce without the slightest trace of a loser on the horizon, another Picker that is coming with a wet sail is P''boro who is on a great run, so it just goes to show you how quickly things can change in Nuttys league. Mac P and Mr Bump have locked horns in joint 5th and refuse to give ground as we enter the second half of the season, which adds to the excitement and enjoyment that only the Free Bet can bring you.  Thanks for the tip with Alloa Norfolkchance1 I didn''t know that....[Y]..arrdee.
  8. [quote user="Mister Chops"]Who the fucking hell are you? [/quote] Still up to your same old tricks then we8? I thought you might have given it a rest over Xmas.
  9. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] Having studied the form of both the pickers and the teams involved here''s your festive six: AJAX v ADO Den Haag DUMBARTON v Elgin HARTLEPOOL v Crewe LEICESTER v Hereford MAN UTD v Middlesbrough WREXHAM v Woking   Complete coincidence that all six are at home so apologies if a successful pick doesn''t result in much in the way of winnings but I went for those picked by more than one person.   I may even put on a similar bet at the local bookies I''m that confident... [/quote] Yes you lovely old Pickers the bet is on thanks to super Sports Desk Pete and Dixmar Racing of course, the bet is .... 2-5   Dumbarton 1-4   Ajax 4-6   Hartlepool 2-5   Leicester 1-4   Man utd 8-15 Wrexham Which will win £68-26p for the Academy, with such wonderful nailed on selections it all looks so easy. I think another win is on the cards. So well done Pete , you lovely old boy, game on,  best of luck all....[Y]..arrdee.
  10. Now all you lovely old Pickers I want you to have a really merry Xmas and to all you that are travelling over Christmas take care because you know how important you are to me. Now I should have no excuse for not getting my "nap" right this week as I have had the chance to read the type off the fixture list in my bed and from somewhere in the still of the night I have come up with Oldham, good luck to all you Pickers with your "naps" and good luck Pete....[Y]..arrdee.
  11. Thanks Can and a merry Xmas to you, may I for one be forever festooned with your pearls of wisdom....arrdee.
  12. Yes you lovely old Pickers its time to make your selections for the final time this year and its the wonderful Sports Desk Pete in charge, so lets help him all we can by getting those "naps" in early. I will just remind you that it is for the fixtures on the 27th /28th the Saturday and Sunday and of course any matches that spill over to the Monday, in other words the same as we do every week, Pete will make his final selections on the Friday and I will put the bet on with Dixmar Racing on Saturday morning as per usual, all we have to do is ignore Fridays matches. Lets all hope we get as much excitement and enjoyment from the second half of the season as we did the first. Of course this is what the Free Bet is all about, its something just for us lovely City fans, no one else, just the one and only Norwich City fans. If I could point my finger at one thing and say "this has improved the Free Bet" it would be Nuttys leagues, even after the final whistle there is still interest in seeing how everyone is doing in the league because its wide open still anyone can win the "Leeds Canary" top tipsters cup and which 5 will have the chance to go on and win big money for the Academy next season. However thats all in the future. I will just say thanks to all you lovely old Pickers for your kind wishes for me and of course my very good friend Nutty for sitting in for me and I will be back to talk to you all later today. I will now hand over the Free Bet, Its with you now Pete, good luck....[Y]..arrdee.
  13. [quote user="Cosmic Twin"]   Nutty Nigel wrote ~ "Thanks Cosmic, you are indeed right and because I have your result wrong it''s thrown everything out. It serves me right for not double checking the score. I was convinced Raith had drawn their game. Apologies to you and indeed you are in the group of PUPs on 3 from 3 going into the last week of the month." I think Arbroath equalised in the 90th min, but there was still enough time for Raith to score the winner! It was a close thing! Thanks for that Nigel. You do an amazing job with the tables and stats. Merry Christmas! [<:o)]   [/quote] Yes Cosmic the mistake made Saturday regarding Raith was made by me and myself alone, I know that Nutty is too much of a gentleman to blame me, I did the stats Saturday in order to help him as I knew he was more than busy and I was convinced that Raith had drawn their match when I saw Arbroath had equalised in the 90th min and I passed on the incorrect information to Nutty, I know I have been off the pace lately but thats no excuse I should have double checked. If I could give you an insight how it all works, there is no need to feel unduly worried because of the back up we have in place, no result will ever get lost, if as in the case Saturday  I missed it and Nutty and the Picker (which didn''t) we have Fellas who keeps a far more detailed account than us. I have seen his stats and believe me it would blow your mind he has a detailed account of every Picker that takes part. I know Fellas enjoys doing this and it helps him as this is one of the subjects he is sitting at University. You can rest assured that if we had all missed it there would have been an e-mail pop up in my box from the wonderful Fellas. Never ever be afraid to tell us if you think we have made a mistake, in fact we welcome it, If I could also ask you when making your Final selection If you could make it bold or in colour it would help, rather than having to read through the whole message to pinpoint the selection. Thanks for that you lovely old Pickers....[Y]..arrdee.
  14. Now you lovely old Pickers, you can see I am home today behind my keyboard, guess where I am off to tomorrow? yep you have got it, I am to be a guest of the N H S once again. I think it would pay me to pitch a tent in the jolly old Norfolk & Norwich grounds in order that they know where arrdee is at all times and as the hospital seems unable to function properly without the lovely arrdee in house it would solve the problem, besides I would be on hand to receive whatever they decide to throw at me and I think it could be the kitchen sink tomorrow. I would like to thank my very good friend Nutty for sitting in for me again this week and as you all know he does a wonderful job on the Free Bet pages. I would also like to welcome our new Picker C N S Canary, glad to have you on board the Free Bet train I know you will enjoy it, I also agree with you C N S I think the City will win something like 6-1 but then I always do, I was going to make my "nap"Millwall, then Olympiakos but I believe I have found a better one, I have gone to Belgium the land of the lager and am making Cercle Brugge my "nap". I would also like to thank all you lovely old Pickers for your good wishes for me, they mean so much to me as I am sure you know, thanks. Keep those selections coming in, lets help Devon all we can, this could be another winning week for our Academy..[Y]....arrdee.
  15. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="arrdee"] [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]I''m hitting form at the right time with my selections being the final lot of this year, sadly the Gas are also hitting form....[/quote] Now Pete why are you sad that the Gas are hitting form? I would have thought you would be over the moon, in fact I did think twice before coming on the Free Bet pages after Rovers result Saturday, I thought we were going to have a "right old job" with you.You lovely old boy....[:D]..arrdee. [/quote] Delighted with the win arrdee but if this carries on I may have to select them.... [/quote] Gulp!![:|]
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