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  1. Well worth the money for a christmas present and a friendly smile from the shop staff.
  2. [quote user="Cluckbert Chase"]I like to stand naked in front of my bathroom mirror while gripping a lightly moistened bar of Camay soap between my buttocks. [/quote] So I am NOT the only one then!
  3. And theres me thinking all in the N&P are pillars of the community
  4. My mate either dropped his wallet or it was stolen from his pocket last night at the ground either in yellows or N&P lower in S block After the game a kind fan found some of the contents discarded and thrown on the floor behind Jarrold stand and kindly handed them in. Just a reminder to keep your things secure even amongst so called freindly fans!
  5. Personal opinion I suppose but shop is always packed before games so possibly proves that the Ebayesk *** stock is bought. Better quality stock is an option but the prices will go up!. All about finding a happy medium I suppose? The staff do a grand job and I always find it very well managed.
  6. I''m sure that this has been done for all the right reasons including financial. For all of the season Lambert has made very good decissions and is very unlikely to change that now. Trust him ,he does know what he is doing!
  7. 1 chris woods 2 Thomas helveg 3 mark Bowen 4 andy townsend 5 Steve Bruce 6 dave watson 7 darren huckerby 8 David Phillips 9 Robert fleck 10 dean ashton 11kenny foggo 12 peter Silvester 13 chris Sutton 14 dave stringer 15 efan ekoku or do you have a differnet opinion?
  8. [quote user="Buckethead"]Jamie Cureton making an excuse for missing?[/quote] The reason cureton does miss
  9. [quote user="Buckethead"]Jamie Cureton making an excuse for missing?[/quote] The reason cureton does miss
  10. Here we go then so your not dissapointed! Don''t go then and let someone else have the seat or standing area.
  11. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1941398,00.html
  12. Also on a selfish note, I want it to go ahead! City need the points and yhey can get 3 more whether they have 25,000 watching or 15,000 watching. ground and pitch is ok to play on so everyone take care and hopefully another good game and a win today.
  13. I think you will find that the grit we pay for has been routed to another council as they did NOT make the appropriate measure it getting enough! As has been said I hope the election comes SOON!!!!
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