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  1. Read some real spooky stuff on twins that were separated too, and lived very similar life's same jobs married woman with same name had same careers and hobbies named children same names.
  2. I Think everyone remembers what the manger has achieved and done that's what makes it hard to dislike him despite his awful premier league record everyone wants him to turn things round but can he?
  3. Works for me gave Leicester a real fighting spirit.
  4. Hope your right Chris Sutton tweeted he think''s his legs have gone! surely not?
  5. Sad but true. Always read his posts entertaining rest well old chap.
  6. lulling you in to a false sense of security think he would of half expected to lose against Leicester trying to make out that a draw against Norwich would int be too bad make no mistake they are coming for the win. Lets make him really low with a good win. OTBC.
  7. Would have a chance of keeping us up and if we went down would get us back up.
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"]There were no strangers at those PUP meets Ruthers. The only way you were there without me knowing who you were is if you were skulking in the bushes and peeping in windows.[/quote]Damn busted again
  9. And underbid for them. and then decided to sell our player of the season.
  10. Massive mistake wanted a new signing to come in not pots to go out. What a joke.
  11. Love to see Boro come up next year. your fans turned up even if the team didn''t. And thanks
  12. Was going to post something about Whittaker myself has been in brilliant form and going forward and link up play is excellent.
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