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  1. [quote user="Penfold"]Hawksbee & Jacobs are covering this important story on Talksport this afternoon. No time given yet, keep listening![/quote] This is now coming up after the 3 o''clock news...
  2. West Brom now have Noddys House on the front of their shirts..... Can you think of a worse sponsor logo?
  3. [quote user="ucl-canary"] Im guessing it will be ok to turn up on the day? On a side note why does this banana guy have Huntelaar as his avatar? [/quote] Cos he''s a tit.........
  4. I have just been told that there will be extra seats on the isle''s of the Jarrold stand & smaller seats in the River End, aparantly the River End seats are currently larger than other parts of the stadium??
  5. I''ve sat in Top of the Terrace twice this season (Charton & Swindon) I''ve only had the carvery but its very good.  You sit behind the glass between the lower & upper Barclay.  There is no atmosphere to speak of, both times we sat there in near total silence & you cant hear the crowd very clear due to the double glazing!  The seats really are not comfortable either. Not been in the Gunn club so can''t comment. Hope this helps.
  6. Guy just on Talksport saying you can go online to MLS players union & get a PDF Doc detailing players wages, so I did. Hucks earned 385,000 Dollars last year & other ex-canaries Jim Brennan 193,250 Dollars & Carl Robinson 315,000 Dollars. Thought it may be of interest. Linkage: http://www.mlsplayers.org/files/3_15_09_salary_info_club.pdf
  7. [quote user="Pablo Picarsole"] [quote user="the unit"]feel sorry for her married to goreham. he probably climax''s thinking of his signed neil adams photograph...[/quote] She certainly doesn''t go for looks then. Chris has a good face for radio. He looks like some kind of trainspotting nerd, or a chess champion. [/quote] Brains from Thunder birds                                                                               Chris Goreham
  8.                   Forster R.Martin    Doc    Nelson     Spillane (can''t be worse than Rose) Mcnamee  Smith      Gill        Lappin                        Hoolahan                            Holt   Rest/Drop C.Martin to give him kick up the a*se
  9. I have to agree, Matt Holland was much better last night & I have been very critical of him over the first three shows, Will Buckley is indeed a Norwich fan.
  10. [quote user="FatboySlimfast"] Tom Cavendish - Couldn''t agree more about Horsford, must admit i was surprised people were recomending it. The people i know in Horsford are all desperate to move. [/quote] Having lived in Eaton, Mile Cross, Catton Grove, Dussindale, Spixworth, Thorpe Marriott & Now Horsford in the past 6 years I think I should add my 2 pence worth..... Horsford is the place out of all those I have been the longest, its a really nice quiet safe place with NO noise from the airport & a 20 bus ride from the city (I don''t use the pubs but thats probably because they don''t look that inviting!).  Eaton is very nice it would be my choice if I could afford it.  I fail to see what all the fuss is about Dusssindale, I lived there for 18 months & I would not go back, all the houses are on top of each other & its very claustrophobic as most of the roads in the estates are narrow.  Thorpe Marriott is ok if a little ''run down'' now.  Spixworth is worth a look not a bad little village.  I personally never had any issues living in Mile Cross or Catton Grove but for obvious reasons they wouldn''t be top of my list! Thanks  
  11. Scoring on his debut for Shrews ressies last night vs Burton Albion??? Playing alongside city''s former summer trialist Kris Bright.
  12. [quote user="Herman "][quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Herman "][quote user="yellow blood"] That Izzy (woman presenter) works on the Danny Baker radio programme on 5Live so she does know a little bit about football. 100% better than Holland [/quote] Wondered where i knew the name[Y] She works well with Baker,not sure about on TV though! [/quote] Issy Clarke has been on television for some years but it was on Anglia TV. I think she co-hosted'' Anglia Soccer Night '' ( maybe it wasn''t called that ? ) and I think she was a reporter on Anglia News for a while .I think she must have '' changed sides '' and followed Kevin Piper with his production company which is responsible for '' Late Kick Off '' on the BBC I read somewhere that she''s fluent in languages - she got a First in Spanish at Oxford - so that probably comes in handy interpreting what''s said by the supporters they interview every week..... [/quote] Cheers for that.I have only just started listening to her and Baker recently,the only good thing about working saturday morning,and they are good.Well worth checking out.As to the people they interviewed,do any come on here? Was that Smudger at the beginning? And this has been said before Chris Goreham= Waylon Smithers! [/quote] Separated at birth???
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