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  1. Anyone know anymore about this? Can we apply by post or do we have to visit the QPR ticket office???
  2. Also Cardiff is 2 for £9.50 in the deal. But the downside with that one being that you would have to go undercover in the Welsh-half of the stadium
  3. Having read all that, how do you think Norwich fans need to go about getting their cheap tickets in the away end?
  4. Volunteering for tickets is not a new thing. The club has always got volunteers, perhaps not always advertised on the main website. I used to run a society at UEA and we''d quite often be asked if we could help out on matchdays. Saves the club some money, boosts crowd numbers and from what I have seen is the perfect way to introduce a poor student to a great club in their new home city
  5. Very unlucky to be overlooked for a place in the England squad if you ask me. I mean I''ve never even heard of this Frankie Fielding
  6. Portsmouth definitely had Festa, Merson, Sheringham and maybe more
  7. 1. Chelsea 2. MK Dons 3. Wigan (I hate them because I find them unbelievably boring to watch and fail to see how they keep surviving in the Premiership)
  8. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/soaps/s12/emmerdale/news/a220881/paul-lambert-returns-to-emmerdale.html
  9. [quote user="newcastle uni canary"]you could do a picture round by finding pictures of past and present players and cropping them, question of sport stylee [/quote] Now you definitely need a picture round, as its obviously the first thing we both thought of
  10. You''ve got to have a picture round, its not a quiz without a picture round. May I suggest ''Name the Norwich City player...''
  11. Jonathan Douglas might be handy from Swindon, but apart from that i''d leave them be. Nicky Bailey is nothing special
  12. Realistic targets for me... Danny Butterfield from Palace Sam Hewson from Man Utd Lenny Pidgeley from Cardiff (if we can''t get Forster?)
  13. Should just add thats its ever so slightly out of date, doesn''t include Michael Rose, Zak Whitbread, Oli Johnson and Stephen Elliot, but apart from that its fine
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