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  1. He was sitting in the Jarold stand. Well, think it was him!
  2. I don''t understand how he can be worth £4m, unless the bulk of it is payable if promoted ?
  3. I agree with whoareyou. If you''re going to ban ads for alcohol on childrens shirts, surely you must ban ads for other things a under 18 shouldn''t be doing, like gambling.But tbh a child will still see the shirts on adults and players so not having them on their own shirt aint gonna make much difference. Lame effort whether the ban is worthwhile or not.
  4. With regard to the disallowed goal, if the ball did come off Hucks and Martin was offside, the ref had already indicated that I foul had been commited buy waving advantage. The foul  (acknowledged by ref) happened before the offside so why didn''t we get the foul? Didn''t make any sense at all.
  5. [quote user="Bob M"]agreed, if they conceed goals regularly at this standard they wont have a chance if we want to challenge for promotion or in the prem if we went up next year. get real???????  why have we let some many goals in if they are the dest double act for years?[/quote]The defensive is exposed, really need a player assigned to defensive midfield role, to sit in front of the back four. Our central midfield players are exactly that, central - not really bursting into the box, not really defensive.
  6. There''s nothing wrong with playing for Orient! Good deal for Mulryne and the O''s.He was great for us I thought, not sure what ya mean by he''s wasted his talent - thought we should have kept him.
  7. He looks like a good player and works very hard. I know what you mean, although he looks like he''s lost weight since he''s joined us, he looks like he''s lost the yard of pace to get past peeps and get a pass/cross in. Hope he can get that bit of pace back.
  8. [quote user="Cobain18"]                                           Marshall Colin                        Shacks                Dublin                   Drury Chadwick                Safri                    Fozzy                   Lappin                                Earnie                  Hucks [/quote]Yep looks good.About the formation, I keep thinking Safri should play a defensive midfield role - sit in front of the back four and not venture too far forward. Previous games it doesn''t seem that Etuhu/Safri/Robison/anyone were specifically assigned to that role, maybe they were all meant to cover it?
  9. Cheers for the link. They seem to only have positive things to say about him, and they didn''t want him to leave. Looking forward to Saturday!
  10. [quote user="Snakepit Boy"][quote user="Efan Ekoku"] Yeah perm''s right, The Chelsea v Norwich/Blackpool game is the biggest difference in league places I think, so they’ll be expected to have the easiest game. Don’t think it’s anything personal against us/Blackpool. [/quote] It IS personal against us, coz we''re s***e. [/quote] Oh rly? The Sun called us s***e? How rude!
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