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  1. [quote user="Alf Tupper"] [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]I was listening to Talksport on Tuesday. The presenter of the show (Adrian Durham) was talking about players or managers that have one successful spell at a club, then a few years later they go back to that same club and have a less successful spell. Bryan Gunn''s name came up. Someone had text in saying ''Gunn was a good player for Norwich, but got us relegated as manager''. Then the ever so knowledgeable presenter responded with ''Come off it, Norwich were basically already down when Gunn took over''. I e-mailed in and told him that Gunn took over when we were outside the relegation zone. He had half a season to save us. He didn''t read it on-air, but I got a reply saying ''Didn''t realise this''. It annoys me when the National Media/SSN etc etc think they know everything about your club after just glancing at your league position or manager etc. I was glad to put him right.[/quote]   Sorry but anybody with an ounce of sense would agree that Norwich were already deep in the sh_t, without hope and as good as relegated when Gunn took over. I''m not going to engage in another dialogue on this MB on this subject because there are too many one-dimensional, dogmatic anti-Gunners on here and, in any case, it doesn''t matter now. We''re going up with Lambert and hopefully Lambert will stay with us. However, the legacy that Gunn inherited was truly rotten to the core. More loanees than contract players (or as near as damnit), the playing staff utterly demoralised, the club without direction and run by imbeciles and so so on and so on. The combined experience of Gunn, Butterworth, Crook and Deehan couldn''t turn it around and IMO nor would anyone else. Our club at that time was like a ship heading for the rocks but the momentum was too great to reverse. My two big criticisms of Gunn are (1) he was completely mad to have taken the job in the first place and (2) Theo Klitis. [/quote] The main reason we were relegated was the fact the we won 1 and lost the other 5 of our final 6 games last year. We may have gone down with Roeder in charge as he had lost the fans but he always seemed to pull a result out when he needed it - Forest (a), Ipswich (h) & Charlton League (h) immediately spring to mind last year.
  2. [quote user="Kent Canary"]Bellers got a good reception when he came for the pre-season friendly with West Ham...not so much Ashton though. [/quote] I suspect that we are the only former club where Bellamy gets a good reception!
  3. [quote user="Askounin"][quote user="HoolaGirl"]Yet another season where it looks like Leeds might end up in the playoffs. I feel sorry for their fans, and I know they''ve come on here a lot to give us grief but how would we feel if we were stuck in this league year after year with such promising starts? Hopefully they stick with their manager as he seems like one of the nicer managers in the league.[/quote] Leeds fans are the most arrogant cu*ts in the country. Do you think they would feel sorry for us if the roles were reversed? Let em rot dirty arrogant leeds scum [/quote] A bit harsh...and a tad unnecessary! Have you been on WACCOE a bit too much? There have been quite a few decent Leeds fans on here of late - sure there have been some numpties on here like SPAINBOY but you only have to trawl through this site after we have lost to realise we have our fair share of them too! Some of our fans are starting to get like SPAINBOY to be honest with all the boasting on here currently. Personally, I think we need to wait a further 4 or 5 games before we get too "Billy Big Borelocks"!
  4. [quote user="City1st"]Can''t see him wanting to bust a gut or injure himself if he''s off at the end of the season. Still, you''ve wisely managed to secure the services of Paul Dickov. Maybe if, as so many on here keep stating, we could show the same level of ambition, we might be able to bring in a player or two mid season.[/quote] [Y]
  5. Thanks for your kind words. I am surprised that it has all gone so wrong for Leeds. I thought you would get it sorted and be challenging us hard again for the title particularly after the Tranmere result. Not sure about us beating you by 5/6/7 although I''m sure some of the fans on here will be making such bold predictions. Personally, I''d be happy with 1-0. Having said that, with your fragile confidence an early goal for us will be a test of your lots resolve! The main difference between us and everyone else is that over the last couple of months we have managed to churn out results when playing badly and when key players have been missing - 6 points from 9 when Holt was out and maximum points when Russell was out. To be honest, until the last 3 games we have not played that great since the Col U game in mid Jan (I''m not gloating by the way, honest!). I just really hope we keep digging out results and secure promotion asap. Don''t want to be in this league next year as Southampton are going to absolutely run away with it!
  6. To get to 91 points the teams in the play offs need to win 8 of their last 9 games and Leeds need 7 wins (to get to 92). We need 4 wins.... As has been pointed out, most of the teams have to play at least 2 others of the teams in the play off zone. Can anyone see Leeds winning 7 of their last 9 games or anyone else winning 8 of their last 9 games? Factor in that 2 of the teams below us need that kind of running then we look in a very strong position. All this assumes that we don''t totally blow up of course. Even a dip in form would still see us win 3 or 4 of our remaining games....We should win at least 3 of our home games and we should really win 4 taking into account our form so far this season!
  7. [quote user="First Wazzock"][quote user="Suffolk exile"] SG thinks he will be fit for weekend [/quote] Of course he will be. The tactical withdrawal failed miserably tonight, mind you I don''t know if he would have made any difference  - they were crap. [/quote] Can''t believe this would have been a situation where he was effectively rested - they are on an awful run and this was a massive game for them. With their defensive problems at the moment and the potency of our attack plus our own defensive shortcomings we should see a few goals on saturday. Got to be tempted to put Macnamee back in the side.
  8. [quote user="yellow blood"][quote user="Big Chief"] Last home game i popped alone to my favourite pre match pub for a pint only to find the Cricketers Rest had closed.  This was a proper Norwich fans pub and I hope someone reopens it soon.  It got me thinking about other pre match pubs I have used over the last 30 odd years and how many we have lost.  In the late 70''s early 80''s i knocked off work at 12:00 on a saturday and popped along to the Coach & Horses opposite Debenhams Now a Pizz restaurant).  Then for while I drank in the |Cricketers Arms on City road whci was turned into some sort of office, as was the Pheasant Cock, my favourite ever city pub, especially as it looked tiny from the outside.  Anyone remember when Man U thought it would be a good idea to attack the pub, not realising how many it had in it.  I aslo used to drink in the Kingsway and occasionally the Clarence Harbour, even though it was reaklly an away fans haunt.  Finally I moved on to the Ferry Boatwhich was a great boozer until the new neighbours took exception to a bit of music being played.  My favourite day in the Ferry Boat was on a day against some team in blue.  I large group of scummers came down the opposite bank and gave it the big ''un.  Somebody managed to launch a glass to the far side with devastating effect.  Not Big and Not cleaver, but very, very funny.  What other favourite match day watering holes have we lost?     [/quote]   All I would say is please do not drink in the Ketts, Coach & Horses, Kings Arms as I enjoy drinking in those pubs and you do seem like a bit of a Jonah![:)] [/quote] The Ketts is alright for a pre-match drink (it''s my local) apart from the lack of Sky! Coach & Horses just too busy as I like to sit down & catch up with my mates pre-game!
  9. BBC reporting that Kisnorbo has done his Achilles, wouldn''t wish that on anyone if true. Happy he is not playing Saturday but overall a shame. If Beckford out too we will be hot favourites - could backfire us as pressure increased.
  10. [quote user="keelan for england"]The chap you are all talking about is ginger pele,we were stood next to him and his mates,and had a great laugh with them.Think they all had a few drinks,but they were friendly and very entertaining. Most of the chants were started by these lads,and the Chris Martin thing is only tounge in cheek,as the song goes top of the league having a laugh.They certainly were. [/quote] Was he with his blond mate? If it is Ginger Pele then he sits a couple of rows in front of me in Block D of the Lower Barclay. His mate is the one that really has a go at the lino in home games.
  11. Has to be Holt I would say - scored every game this month!
  12. Would anyone make any changes to the side for tomorrow''s game? I would bring Drury in for Rose and my subs would be; Rudd, Askou, Hughes, McVeigh, Macnamee, Johnson, Elliott. Drury is the best left back in the league. Unlike some I think Martin deserves his place in the team - loyalty is important to our key players who we will need next year.
  13. Paynter being out will probably just shade it in our favour. Can''t see many goals in this one. 1.0 to City Chrissy Martin scoring.
  14. [quote user="Anglofile"][quote user="canary cherub "][quote user="Anglofile"][quote user="canary cherub "][quote user="Sports Desk Pete"] I can confirm it''s Joe Kosich. For those still none the wiser click here [/quote] Erm, Pete . . . clearly the guy on this thread isn''t the real Joe Kosich.  Next question:  when Michael Bailey wrote this piece, did he get his information from the real Joe Kosich or not??? Has Archant been scammed???  [:D] [:$] [/quote] 001.910.295.8851....call me, I''m in the book.   [/quote] If you really were who you say you are, you wouldn''t be in the book . . . NEXT!   [/quote]   Oh yeah I forgot, Kieth Harris, Goldman, KKR aren''t in the book.  Anymore stupid comments??  [/quote] I think we are leaving them to you....
  15. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Doh!  Try again - http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_57f81 [/quote] Always liked Opel Manta''s.....is it about them?
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