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  1. This bloke was a bigget tosser than Roeder and treated the youngsters like crap,as soon as he fails the better too
  2. There is a non league pyramid.If you are clever enough to understand try looking up where Yarmouth are and you will see.Your assumptins sum up your lack of comprehension so I will not reply to any more of your toilet language .Pratt
  3. If the strikers look poor at this level what hope?   Renton has never done anything ,big slow lump and Daley is no where near,just more PR as we slip down the league into the mire
  4. If our Reserves cannot stuff Gt Yarmouth by more than 3 goals the future looks bleak. What a load of rubbish about these players being ready for Championship football.They would struggle to beat the likes of Dereham or Wroxham.Most of the young lads would not even get in a Ridgeons Division 1 side. What possible thing was achieved last night? Have we really sunk this low? Someone please wake up. Eagle and Smith Superb! You are having a laugh?  
  5. I read with interest that there were tears for Roeder when he left. The man leaves with a decent amount of money and not to many worries for the future.Did he shed a tear for the young lads he dumped last year without a penny or the young pros careers that he has messed up. I wish the man all the worse and hope he never returns to Football,arrogant overated and a complete knob. Goodbye Roeder, I for one am jumping up and down with joy
  6. Is it true Roeder wants Gibbs back? I watched him midweek and he is really not very good,when will this stupidity stop and his obsession with Arsenal stop.Play our youngsters before you kill the Academy for ever
  7. Typical reply.You asked me a question and because its not the answer you want you scream abuse.Roeder has got rid of some decent people who had Norwich city in their blood and who will still be supporting the club long after Roeder has gone.If you believe he is ok thats fine but leave me to have an opinion. We have no players no medical staff  and no money and i listen to who we are going to sign. The bad times are on their way and the only thing that might have helped would have been some spirit but he got rid of that as well
  8.  Yes would be delighted if he failed but hopefully we will see the light before his actions send us into freefall.The man is wrong for this club in my opinion and until such time as he has gone I will continue to express an opinion. If by going into League 1 the club changes and certain people leave so be it. This club is tighter than a ducks arse and some of you are deluded if you think that Ratty is the answer. He will be gone by christmas and another fight for survival will begin-sometimes you need to go back to go forward. .
  9. A Rat normally leaves a sinking ship, we must have the only one whose staying,hope he can swim?
  10. I tyhink he is lucky to get a year,very average thinks he is better than he is
  11. Thanks for the correction I have a prolem with the B on my keyoard. Still think people talk a load of ollocks though
  12. Must agree there are some complete knobs on this board who if you dare express an opinion get upset.I quite enjoy how upset they get and wonder how they survive in the real world .If their ideas are not accepted thay act like kids and write in funny colours or big writing.Glen Roeder in my opinion is a complete waste of space and will ultimately be proved as a useless Manager.His total lack of confidence and paranoia is the reason for his recent sackings of staff and when he fails as he surely will, it will be as enjoyable as watching John Terry cry last night. I await for some of your anal comments   
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