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  1. This is a good read as to why McCarthy still in his job and how Evans runs ITFC........ http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/ipswich-town-stuck-in-moment.html I''m sure Town fans will find it very unhappy reading... OTBC
  2. Love the "silly season" banter.... I am sure there is less money for transfers, but you have got to ask where did the "so called" playoff money go because we didn''t buy big last season "£34mil" and took transfer fees in excess of £19mil for Johnson, Grabban, Hooper, Bennett & McGeehan. There is a lot of scaremongering and propaganda flying around but i will agree "there is no smoke without fire", i am trying to lean more to the positive and believe AN is trying to build a more youthful squad with some vintage surrounding them to hasten their growth into top footballers (the Man U way under Fergie). Of course we don''t want to see our club back in the doldrums after such a positive 7 years but we must accept that the club has probably started to focus on a new vision for moving forward and the choices we have as fans is to either "get on board" as we have solidly for 7 years and more or remove our bums from the seats of CR!! I say stick with it and you see the results of the new vision before January 2017 OTBC
  3. It does not help when the "jobs worth" stewards are continually picking on particular sections of the Barclay telling people to sit down or you will get a letter warning you that you will be banned for 2 games! Do the stewards ever get the away support to sit???? The atmosphere is severely harmed because of this, up till the beginning of December the stewards left the fans alone but now they want to stamp out any atmosphere or noise.(if all the fans stayed stood up the club are not going to ban us all are they?) I know someone on here will say that ground charter states fans should sit but to stop this continued hassle for fans and stewards the club should do something publicly about it either in the press or put a disclaimer in with the season ticket renewals then there cannot be any complaints about anything!!!! As things stand the club will eventually lose all the true fans and get the cup game fans which are not really connected to the club. OTBC
  4. as do i mine, but i''m not abusive am i! City till i die 1966-
  5. AndyCanary i heard it as clear as day and i''m sure many others did also so please stop being so anti! City til i die 1966-
  6. Back off AndyCanary we all have opinions and we are allowed to air them without receiving abuse back! You like the rest of us are disappointed with whats happened but to attack each does not bode well does it? Also there is such a thing as speculate to acumulate so my opinion may hold water! City till i die 1966
  7. Sky Sports News reporter outside Carrow Road this morning states: Paul Lambert told him privately 10 days ago that his time was up at Norwich! This whole drawn out mess should have been dealt with much better because as it is, leave''s a bad taste in the mouth and leave''s us the fans thinking are we heading backwards with the so called "business like club" we have now. Something has gone wrong, personally when the first story broke about Aston Villa wanting Lambert some months ago i think he was then "tapped up" and the whole OGS meeting was a smoke screen into getting Lambert to Villa. The board obviously got wind of Lambert being unsettled and pulled the financial reins in to cover themselves but had to look as though they wanted to keep Lambert because us the fans would have been savage towards them. The board were stuck between a rock and a hard place and its they who have been let down quite badly on this occasion. Lambert is the winner either way but as a man of so called integrity it certainly does not show on this occasion. Mr Lambert you have tarnished the special affinity you had with us the supporters but we do thank you for your work done here just not your poor behaviour. City till i die 1966- 
  8. PL resigns: inevitable agreed by all us City fans thankful we are under a cloud: City board rumoured to wanting to put more money towards debt than to playing staff has Holt situation been final nail under a darker cloud: not being honest enough about wanting to stay thus leaving a bad taste in the mouths of most City supporters and tarnishing the so called "special affinity he has with the City fans"! under a darker cloud: Villa rumoured to have talked with Lambert''s advisors last week, possibly tapping him up, not convinced! outcome: has he moved to a bigger club or just side stepped to get more money for himself and player budget or personal reasons to be closer to family home we should not have expected this to end any different than it did when he walked out of Colchester, the only difference we shall surely be getting more compensation than we paid out onwards and hopefully upwards City will go, but the board will now have to pay for a new manager who will expect a budget more in line with what Lambert wanted in the first place! how ironic! City till i die 1966-
  9. Leicester''s Ritchie Wellens[8-)] say that losing to Norwich would be disappointing because Leicester are a far bigger club....... http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/302884/We-re-too-big-for-an-upset-says-Richie-Wellens
  10. Why do people want to see the end of Keanes reign at Ipswich, it makes no sense to me because i would have thought it better he stay in his job and continue to make Ipswich inconsistant thus keeping them mid-table or lower so opening the way for City to push on for the play offs or higher. City since 1966 OTBC
  11. Excert taken from the Daily Star on "newsnow Norwich City".... HIGH-FLYING Norwich will face Leeds – roared on by their biggest crowd for more than 26 years at Carrow Road. The Canaries, who edged out Leeds for the League One title last season, will play in front of a near-capacity crowd of 26,300. "edged out", this made me smile.... City since 1966 OTBC
  12. Asalamalekam, my wife is from Naryn, Kyrgyzstan so she knows Bishkek well and through me now a follower of our beloved Canaries so thats two fans from far of Central Asia. Keep in touch our Kyrgyz brother OTBC since 1969
  13. (My two big criticisms of Gunn are (1) he was completely mad to have taken the job in the first place and (2) Theo Klitis) ********** These two criticisms are probably the best two things to happen to NCFC since we got promoted to the Premiership with Worthington. Gunn put his head on the block knowing City were going to hit rock bottom including whatever happened at half time against Cochester and Theo''s 7 goal antics slammed the final nail in City''s coffin which in turn resurrected the fine NCFC which we have seen PL & BMac nurturing ever since! The past is the past and it will forever be in our history like all other demises of our great club. OTBC NCFC since 1969
  14. Spot on Shyster, There is always a home and away game for each team so we must shuffle it to stop the losing sides against us in the return matches. The lad from Barnet should be the key i''m hoping, but i''m sure someone will shoot me down for not knowing players positions or statistics. Anyway i''m with you OTBC since 1969
  15. Ipswich boss Roy Keane is on the brink of being sacked by the Norfolk club following a series of meetings on Sunday regarding his future. Town currently sit second bottom of the Championship. (Daily Star) Norfolk 1 Suffolk 0 OTBC since 1969
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