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  1. Omg,how the hell can anyone suggest leaving out our top scorer.We rode our luck today and got a point.Get real you fools any true norwich fan would have taken a point today regardless of the display.So far this season we have been brilliant,my suggestion to anyone who feels the need to come on here moaning is to go and f@ck yourselves
  2. [quote user="Daphne "]Because it is my name - I have never forgiven my parents! I decided to admit to it on this board about a year ago - we were just about to be relegated and I felt things couldn''t get much worse...........[/quote]Daphne was a real common name in the 40s and 50s so as long as you aren''t young  you are ok
  3. don''t be cheeky,there''s at least 10 people who sing in the jarrold
  4. What a cracking 2 hours i had in there before kick off..........We''re the jarrold,we''re the jarrold,we''re the jarrold over here
  5. thats swindon out of it.........we are nearly there!!!!
  6. great,hope they lose.won''t be up mathematically but as good as dammit
  7. If leeds lose and we win we are up...fact unless leeds turn over our plus 10 goal difference
  8. nervous.....you must be kidding,if we beat gillingham and carlisle we are up,anything else is a bonus
  9. Getting the 3.00,getting off at strafford i think.Then finding a pub any suggestions?
  10. [quote user="norfolk_canary"]other than his goals at huddersfield - which were tap-ins - he hasn''t really had an impact on any game he has been part of, imo. money well spent? not in my opinion.[/quote]tap ins are you deluded,he made 2 terrific runs to get them,money well spent just for the huddersfield result iof you ask me
  11. norwich will piss it,at least 3-0 orient are going down they are crap........fact
  12. When you read through that you realise what a load of complete tossers alot of leeds fans are.Even though he has scored 30 goals some of them tw@ts still won''t admit they were wrong
  13. Why on earth do you think we will only get a draw at orient,they are shitte.Promotion will come at orient..............fact
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