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  1. I''m so nervous for today still though. Back on the shop floor at 3, got a Father Christmas lookalike in for the kids so it will be back to phone in my back pocket time!
  2. As an exiled canary (admittedly only cambridge), i thank you for your efforts beau!!
  3. Morty, I thought some of his passing was astray and wasteful. This is Stef by the way, sorry I missed you guys at the pub. Bearing in mind I''m back in Cambridgeland already, suggests you had a good time after the game?
  4. Russell Martin a 7? REAAALLLLY???? bless, you guys are generous!!
  5. May have already been mentioned but does anyone know how it works for away season ticket holders? I''m assuming nothing changes and we are still allowed to send back our maximum of 5 tickets per season even after they have been debited from our account? Or do we need to let them know in advance, which isn''t easy when you''re having to wangle days off at work?  
  6. I live in Cambridge and its not available in 2 of the Tescos I have been in, had to get my local newsie to order it in for me and got it on Friday. Dare I say it, don''t be sarcastic just cause we don''t all live in Norwich?!
  7. Got a letter with my super member card (helpful for me as I can''t get to many home games) saying to look after the card as if I lost it they wouldn''t replace it!!
  8. Yep, live near Cambridge. Used to be a fair few supporter forums this way back in the day but not really anymore.
  9. seems so, suggests one or two may be on their way out or on loan?
  10. Met him at the away supporters party last night and the guy is a thouroughly decent, unassuming gentleman. was one of the most popular players to speak to last night with people asking him all night if he was staying. he looked genuinely chuffed with the attention, and to be honest i think he may want to stay, it may just depend on newcastle.
  11. As someone who was was shown on Late Kick Off in the crowd at Charlton, I am slightly offended by this whole "all Norwich fans look like weirdos" malarkey. I am not a weirdo!!
  12. This is going to sound pretty stupid, so forgive me, but the game is on Saturday 8th May isn''t it. Aren''t last games of the season usually on a Sunday, or is that just Championship and Premiership? I ask because I am trying to book the day off for work but am going to have to work the other day if that makes sense! Apologies for sounding like a moron!
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