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  1. [quote user="Thisisbabyish"]Are we dying for new CM!? Or are you just wetting your pants because someone else is splashing some cash around. Can everyone stop being so melodramatic, what club doesn''t have its issues! You''d think we were Barcelona or Real Madrid the way some of our fans feel we''re entitled to everything. Your Mummy''s must have made you feel so special as kids, tough when you come into the real world to find out you''re a nobody.[/quote] My mistake. Thought this was a discussion board!
  2. Well Laff only has 6 months left on his contract so it cant be that expensive to ditch him! It''s clear that Villa have the backing of the owners financially but that doesn''t necessarily equate to us being out muscled. Regardless of whether we ''need'' Lansbury, its more the issue that we''re not even in the running. It''s not like we''ve had a bid accepted but couldn''t agree personal terms, we haven''t even bid! I know 40k a week is absurd but don''t think for one second a lot of players in the championship couldn''t command that because they already are.
  3. Well i can sort of agree with that - but we are still a big club. But we are talking 3.5 million for Lansbury. Don''t tell me we cant afford that! A great player who''s played and loved his time at Norwich. Its clear we haven''t even made a move for him which I just can''t understand
  4. Have just seen on SkySports (be it their transfer centre) that Villa are close to announcing Lansbury and hope to get Jordan Rhodes deal done too this month. An obvious statement but these are the kind of players we are dying for. Isn''t that meant to be our biggest advantage as one of the big clubs to be relegated - to be able to collect the better players in this league / from the prem and get back up instantly using the money we have. I cant believe this nonsense of selling to be able to spend. The board have to loosen the strings if these quality players are available. It does seem like we are caught so much in our own nonsense and not just getting on with the market. Why is Laff still at the club for example - rate him or not, AN obviously doesnt so he should have been gone on the 1st January. We need to wake up or we''ll get stuck in this league.
  5. nice to see you spelt your name correctly!   who''s darren HUCKBERY???
  6. your all forgettin the goal against Wigan!   we won 2nil, svenson got 2nd, but hucks 1st where he ran through 4-5 men, amazing!   as said b4, if anyone else scores them they make headline news!   hucks your a legend - so many memories thank you!
  7. i feel sick   how can we let him go????????????
  8. it is indeed lol mercing means mocking   your argument ended his easily, well done lol
  9. baldyboy   as rio likes to say.... i think budda has just merced you!
  10. its very simple   http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/7289486.stm   not sure we can do anythin to change our colours though lol
  11. i dont really no how reliable that source is but why is everyone blaming doncaster?? doncaster said there would be money available to roeder so i doubt thats the problem maybe just maybe taylor doesnt want to stay!! anyone thought of that??   his never said he would
  12. i agree with the original post completely croft had to start - chadwick has done nothin last few games and why curo didnt start i''ll never no we looked terrible!  center mid was non existant - back 3 (not ostember) had good games til final few mins, brown was good but like its been said - had no one to play to. my biggest complaint has to be ostember - he was dreadful.   was caught out with the same ball down the wing ever time.  attacking wise his fanatastic, made some good balls into browns feet, but defensively his the worst we;ve had for a while.  i''d try him right mid for a game and use tht pace properly i cant wait til smith and fozzy return - russell and lappin wont win us anythin!
  13. was on the norwich page on skysports and browsing our squad and came across Michael Coulson!?! who the hell is he?? http://www.skysports.com/football/player/0,19754,11709_291909,00.html signed on deadline day apaarently
  14. ok so we have bout 7million 2 play with (earnie, ethuhu and 2mil from new directors) lets show some intent! why dont we go for charlton cole? izad mcleod? we need someone to fill dicksons shoes - lets aim for lee hendrie or someone of that calibre surely!
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