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  1. I''d be happy with either but I''d prefer Eastwood.
  2. [quote user="Northern Canary"]I know this may be a bit irrelevant and unimportant, but assuming there is a shake around the in the squad numbers this year, who would you give which numbers? For example, i usually think of number 8 as a centre mid that is pretty key to the team so perhaps give that to Etuhu, then Martin number 9 or 10 depending on if Earnie goes.[/quote] Hmm not too fussed about squad numbers to be honest - although it is nice to see the first choice players have the more traditional numbers. As for Chris Martin haing 9 or 10... I wouldn''t be so keen on that at the moment. It''d be better to keep him with less prestigious number so that he really works to earn a shirt number like that.
  3. [quote user="YankeeCanary"][quote user="GJP"][quote user="YankeeCanary"]  He''s probably throwing his toys out of the pram given that David Beckham was recalled instead. Just another demonstration that he''s not reached a full state of maturity yet. [/quote] Very much doubt the Beckham recall has anything to do with it. [/quote] I did say "probably" GJP on the basis that there does not appear, on the surface, to be a more logical explanation. If Bentley was genuinely concerned about fatigue or wanting to move away from the Under 21 scene, then presumably he would not have participated recently with the all-out effort he did and then withdrawing, leaving Pearce with one less squad member, as well as depriving another young man of participation. The position he took was disingenuous, which is why he drew the criticism from Pearce. [/quote] I''m quite aware of what you said, I was simply offering my opinion.
  4. [quote user="YankeeCanary"]  He''s probably throwing his toys out of the pram given that David Beckham was recalled instead. Just another demonstration that he''s not reached a full state of maturity yet. [/quote] Very much doubt the Beckham recall has anything to do with it.
  5. Undecided on this one. He shouldn''t turn down his country but then again he believes he should be in the senior squad and I think he wants to distinguish himself as a senior squad member now. No doubt his club are pleased that he ditched the U21s so that he''s nice and fresh for pre-season...
  6. I can see why Hucks would be good for England. I think the unfortunate thing for him is that he never got to play for a big side who knew how to get the best out of him. I think if he''d have settled down earlier on like he has done at Norwich then he''d definitely played at a higher standard for a while. His pace will worry defenders at any level, we saw that in the Premiership. Lots of teams doubled up on him because he got them worried. And I''d much rather defend against Stewart Downing than Darren Huckerby. Think on the basis of what I saw tonight though they should be looking to get Ashley Young into the senior setup, very impressive.
  7. Chris Brown is quite a decent player in my opinion. It''s fairly obvious when you watch him play that he''s quite natural. He''s not Ronaldinho by any means but he''s still a good player. Good touch, uses the ball well and puts in a bit of hard work. But I''d like to see him in a settled side with a system that works. He deserves more of a chance than he''s got. But then again he hasn''t come through our youth setup...no doubt if he had people would be championing his cause for years and years even if he did only stay on the fringes of things and never produce.
  8. [quote user="Brandon"] I wouldn''t go over 500k going up to a potential 700k, I wouldn''t go any higher then that. And if they still reject it we should look else where. [/quote] Agreed. He''s now slipped down to 3rd or 4th choice at Celtic. He''s very inexperienced and hasn''t really proven himself at any level. Also there never really seems to be anyone but us interested in him which is a bit strange considering many City fans suggest he would be a ''great'' signing.
  9. If only we had a good strike partner for Earnie...
  10. [quote user="Yellow Rages"] McLaren said from day one that he would pick his players for footballing reasons. Beckham, by all our admissions was poor during the world cup. Not just poor like a number of our players but almost anonymous. He desrved to get dropped and has earnt himself a recall through his performances with Madrid. He is a one trick pony who has no heading ability, no tackling ability and no pace. If you are to be an international regular, you need more to your game than a good corner and cross. I can''t think of another wide player internationally that offers so little across the board. What he offers is exeptional in it''s own aspect but for me that isn''t enough if we are to move forward. [/quote] That is so far from the truth... it''s ridiculous. David Beckham is a brilliant all round footballer. There is no doubt that his right foot is outstanding, his crossing and deliveries are pretty much unrivalled for quality. Everyone knows that though. But... his left foot is also very useful and he can deliver excellent quality with that too. Of course he''d prefer to use his right foot but he can put a ball where it needs to go with his left peg. His short passing is excellent, crisp and accurate. He finds space well and takes up good positions. He creates goals and scores goals. Other than that...his work rate is usually pretty high, he gets stuck in - he''s not scared of a tackle. He''s also relatively decent in the air - you don''t get to see much of it because he''s usually the one whipping the ball in but he''s not frightened to head the ball. His career speaks for itself - Man Utd, Real Madrid and England (captain). He has Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League medals. He''s on his way to a Spanish league title. He''s been to 3 World Cups and scored at each of them. David Beckham is a fantastic footballer, many quality attributes to his game. One of the best players of his generation and comfortably has the quality of a ''world class'' player.
  11. From a football point of view I''m very happy David is back. He''s one of our best players and he''s definitely our best right-sided midfielder. He''s world class and dropping him was a complete was of time.
  12. [quote user="Boyo"] from the last couple of seasons i think youssef safri is our main man in midfield (and probably the whole team) so i think regardless of what Peter Grant thinks he should be put in the team before Fotheringham and etuhu and i also think the midfield and the whole team should be built around him instead of huckerby.  Why cant Peter Grant see this.  [/quote] I would think/hope Peter Grant is aiming to build a team with balance, strong across the whole pitch. Safri is a good player and, at this level, a very good passer of the ball. But without doubt The Dazzler is the best player at this club.
  13. [quote user="Dan Grant"]i have always thought that the u19''s is the championships version of the England u21''s, because if you are 18 but a brilliant player, you get promoted to the u21''s. So all the players who can''t quite cut it are left in the u19''s. this is why you always see our youngsters in the u16''s, u18''s, u19''s, but not the under 21''s.[/quote] Spot on. There is a gulf in quality between the England U21s and the other ranks such as U19 and U20. That''ll be a good way to judge how good Chris Martin is, if he is the business then he''ll eventually knock on the U21 door.
  14. [quote user="gazzathegreat"] It''s good to see that we at last have a manager who thinks the academy is our young football team, not just an over excited bunch of school children. Well doneMr Grant for showing some faith in our youth product - and the academy for finding us some real talent...as Ricky Martin says, five out of nine is pretty good....yes, it is and if only three of the five turn out to be as good as Chris Sutton, Bellamy and Eadie we will go forward, instead of stagnating using other''s cast offs as under Mr Worthington.... [/quote] I think you''ll find that Mr Worthington didn''t have a lot to pick from when it came to the youth setup. For example, NW realised, much like PG has, that Jarvis and Henderson aren''t up to it. Jason Shackell was a better prospect which is exactly why he figured in Worthingtons teams. A lot of fans seems to think if a youngster is in our academy they must be on the verge of becoming an outstanding professional footballer...but it just doesn''t work like that. The standard of what we bring through our academy is way off what other clubs around the country produce. Look at Gareth Bale of Southampton and then before him Theo Walcott....we''ve got nobody anywhere near that quality in our youngsters.
  15. [quote user="viennacanary"] I''m afraid that when anyone talks about ''passing it backwards'' or even ''passing it sideways'' it displays a lack of understanding of how the game is played.  I do not mean that in a personal way and of course, you are more than entitled to your opinion, but if you asked any player who has played the game who was a better player out of Hughes or Robinson, it would be Robinson without doubt. [/quote] I know what point you''re trying to make about ''passing it backwards'' or ''passing it sideways'' displaying a lack of understanding but.. I''d have to say that sometimes players don''t know what to do with the ball when they get it and that''s when it''s safer to try and pass back to the keeper than actually do something with the ball. In some cases it is, of course, sensible to keep the ball. But in other cases it does mean that the player doesn''t have a clue where to go with the ball. When it comes to Carl Robinson I agree a lot with you, I don''t think he''s the worst player City have had. He''s had a career in professional football, he''s not been to the very top but he has played for his country which is something. He''s a player who plays within his limits. Andy Hughes is a different type of player, he''s got a bit of an engine on him and he''s very enthusiastic. He''s prone to some erratic passing whereas Robinson keeps things simple, wins the ball and plays it nice and simple. However, Robbo doesn''t have that omph or that drive that Hughes does. Basically if Norwich were to be near the top of this league you''d expect players like Robbo, Fozzie and Hughes to be backup players.
  16. Well Fotheringham isn''t a left-winger and Martin isn''t a right-winger. While I would hope Fozzie is seen as a backup player if City are to do anything I thought he at least worked hard today, as he usually does. He isn''t used to this tempo and his match fitness isn''t there but I still think he tries to do his bit. Unlike Chris Martin who was lazy today and the worst player on the pitch for City. The two young lads who came on, Spillane and Renton, gave it a good go. Spillane does get stuck in but doesn''t do anything going forward. Renton looked fairly lively and got more involved than Martin ever did. Nice to see Lappin back but fairly obvious he was a bit rusty after some time out. Shame the manager didn''t have the sense to switch Huckerby wide left and let him have a go at the right-back.
  17. [quote user="sonnycityfan aka Ginger Pele"]Grant has said he will go out on loan again but personally i think he is better than spilliane, and should get a go for two or thrree matches, and ryan should get one more chance to play and if he dosnt play well he should go, i liked ryan jarvis when he scored against liverpool amd watford but he needs to do that in the first team more rather than in the reserves [/quote] Just wondering...how come you consider Rossi to be better than Spillane? Not having a dig but just curious as to what makes him a better player. I thought Spillane did alright against Ipswich the other day but sometimes when he had the ball he didn''t know what to do with it and he didn''t give us anything going forward. He''s got quite a way to go, I think, before he''s ready. Ryan Jarvis should be finished at Norwich - if he was going to do something he would have done it by now. Both Worthy and Grant can see he''s not up to it.
  18. Yeah, I think Tony Warner has done alright. I think he looks like his heart is in it and in general he''s a good keeper for this level. There''s been a couple of times when I thought his reflexes weren''t great but then again....we''re not likely to get Casillas in goal for us. I''d like to see Lee Camp again as I don''t think he had a good chance to prove himself and when he did play he looked very promising. But just haven''t seen enough to really judge it. Thought David Marshall was pretty ordinary. Although lots of people seem to think he''s something special. But I have to wonder...if he''s that great why, when good keepers are hard to find, he''s only coming on loan to Norwich. Moreover...I also wonder why Martin O''Neil hasn''t been back in for him - because he''d surely know if he was up to it. In my opinion he looked quite average and didn''t look too interested.  
  19. [quote user="gissing canary"]was having the same debate with my friend as well. evra isnt even france no1, abidal (spelt wrong) at lyon is, and is tipped for a big move to barca, so i reckon him. other candidate is cashley, but personally dont think he is. [/quote] Hmmm. Yeah, Abidal is definitely quite a good player. Wouldn''t be at all surprised if Arsenal and Lyon had had some chats about him either. Evra is neater on the ball though.
  20. There''s not and isn''t usually too many outstanding left-backs around. Evra, since he''s found his feet at Utd, does seem to be a fantastic player.
  21. [quote user="XXL16"]Honestly I doubt Chris Coleman will have a close look at our youth players, Fulham always love to spend money for players[/quote] I''m fairly sure you''ll find that Fulham have spent very little money in recent seasons. Fair enough they spent money to get where they are but since then big players like VDS, Boa Morte and Malbranque have left the club and where have Fulham lashed out millions to buy replacements? Maybe he would have a close look at our youth players realise that most of them are miles away from being good enough.
  22. It''s a shame he weren''t available when we needed him to be. He did a brilliant job at Fulham. Kept them in that league while having to sell his best players and being given very little money to buy replacements. Fulham play good football too. I''m sure he''ll get a good job sooner or later.
  23. [quote user="Indy_Bones"] Marshall was looking superb and if by some chance we do get him permanently it will be a top class signing, [/quote] Not really the main point of your whole post but... Marshall looked...decent. He was a long way off being ''superb''. He''d be a good signing if we paid a very reasonable fee for him.  
  24. [quote user="DumbleDelia is Magic"][quote user="GJP"] Really hope things work out for Nigel. I hear if he sorts them out and gets results in these 5 games then the job is his. All things considered he did pretty well for Norwich and Peter Grant has got a long way to go to live up to what he did for this club. Too many people can only remember a few bad months and some dodgy signings. They seem to forget that great day out at Cardiff, winning the league and then playing Premiership football. [/quote] That is very true.  Peter has got to work immensely hard this summer to bring in the kind of quality Worthington brought in with the likes of Louis Jean, Hughes, Colin, Etuhu, Thorne, Boyle, Lisbie, Jarrett, Rehman, Robinson.... Phew work cut out.  Also Peter needs to sort out our youth policy.  He appears to be of the illusion that playing kids or sending them out on loan will some how make them better players!  Ludicrous!  He also needs to sort out the general atmosphere between the fans and general anomosity between supporters and to the board.  I mean for goodness sake, when did we last have a protest?? A long way indeed [/quote] I''m probably going to judge Grant on what we do on the pitch and where we are in the league (based on the resources he''s given). Sending a few duff youth players out on loan doesn''t really make it for me. Hopefully Peter Grant will also be able to bring players with the quality of Huckerby and Earnshaw to this club. I''ll then focus more on the good signings he''s made and accept that everyone makes mistakes.
  25. Really hope things work out for Nigel. I hear if he sorts them out and gets results in these 5 games then the job is his. All things considered he did pretty well for Norwich and Peter Grant has got a long way to go to live up to what he did for this club. Too many people can only remember a few bad months and some dodgy signings. They seem to forget that great day out at Cardiff, winning the league and then playing Premiership football.
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