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  1. Personally, I didn''t like the home kit because the trim is a bit too fussy. It didn''t need the white stripes. Just green trim would have given it that more retro feel I was after. I would also like some cohesion between the two kits. Look at Swansea''s. There''s a common style between them. Same with Stoke. There''s nothing like that with our two. Are V-necks in, or are rugby collars ? Picking out players against a green pitch in FIFA12 is going to be a nightmare in that green kit !
  2. After the disappointing home shirt, I thought I''d have an away shirt for a change. Now I''ve seen that, I don''t think I''ll bother with either. Thankfully both shirts will only last for a single season. Are either really Premier League shirts ?
  3. I saw him play. It was in the 4-0 win at Yeovil in the Carling Cup. He came on in the second half when we were scoring for fun ... and he didn''t. Best wishes on finding a new club though ...
  4. What ringtones do people expect ? The Barclay End singing OTBC maybe ? I suspect the majority of the time people can view the website for that kinda stuff. Surely you just want up to the minute updates on a mobile service ?
  5. I''d be perfectly happy with just the score (and scorers) during games ... while I''m being dragged round the shops by her indoors. Team line-ups, maybe. But keep it simple and fast, so it works well on non-3G connections. I can''t always get a 3G signal out here in the styx.
  6. What a disappointment.  I was hoping for Aidy Boothroyd, and really thought we had a chance of getting someone in that knew what this division is all about and would keep us up. I just hope the honeymoon period for Gunny sees us getting enough points to avoid the drop.  I''d hate to see his "Legend" status tarnished with being the manager that took us back to the third tier of English football ...  
  7. Sorry about that little rant ... but I''ve been constantly checking the Pink''Un site, this forum and the official website for the last 23 days in the hope that we''ll have signed someone exciting ... or in fact, anyone at all. It was my hope, or perhaps naive belief, that Mr Roeder would be using this transfer window to strengthen our squad for the push towards the relegation-worry-free bliss of mid-table obscurity. But no, as usual this club keeps me hanging, biting my nails and driving me ever closer to exasperation.  So, any player would do right now.  Okay, perhaps not Titus Bramble ...  Just put me out of my misery.  I''ve played my part.  I''ve bought my ticket for Tuesday nights game in Southampton.  Now give me a prospect to get excited about.  Someone new in the prized yellow and green shirt ... (This is not meant as a serious thread, so let''s not flame me or the club, ta.  I''m sure Glen and everyone else at the club really are doing all they can ... it''s just so frustrating being a Norwich supporter sometimes !)  
  8. I''m not suggesting we are paying up the whole contract, just that the player''s Mr 15% is bound to have negotiated some sort of settlement/pay-off.  And we don''t appear to be making any money when there are clubs clearly interested in him.  I can understand that interest in Brellier and Strihavka might not have got us a transfer fee, but with Hibs appearing as keen as they were, surely we could have made something ... Any money towards the gap between Birmingham''s valuation of ''Tiny'' and our £750K, you would have thought, would have been greatly received.    
  9. I''m a bit confused here.  Did we really just terminate/pay up his contract ?  With both Hibs and Falkirk interested, surely we could have got a transfer fee ?  There seems to be no mention of one. Far from making money out of player transfers, we seem to be settling up and giving them away now ...  
  10. I''d like to think that tonight''s game will show that we really have turned the corner and we''ll get a win ...  However, many years of being a Norwich supporter has taught me we''ll make hard work of it and concede a late equaliser.  So I''m going for 2-2.  
  11. Commenting on Norwich for Sky Sports News, Paul Merson has just said, "Glenn Roeder will do well to keep this lot up" ... Not what I was hoping to hear when I tuned in !  
  12. I just found this on the BBC website : http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/norwich/4703385.stm What a successful summer of transfer activity that was ...  
  13. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Hurray - 1st running out of time post when there is still 3 months before the window closes! I do agree that a confirmed signing would be nice though.  [/quote] Ha ha, okay, I wasn''t trying to say that time is running out so much, more that decent options, players that we''d all be happy to see arrive are running out. But maybe time is running out too ...  We certainly want players in pre-season to get them bedded in, and we really don''t want to be last minute panic buying when the season has already started !  
  14. It seems Freddy Eastwood is off to Wolves, and on paper, I’m sure they probably offer him a better chance of Premiership football than we do anytime soon – so I can’t necessarily blame him.   Billy Sharpe obviously wants a move, but he’s touting around for the biggest deal he can get and it doesn’t really look like being us.  In fact, he will most likely end up at Wolves as well.   Derek Riordan appears to be staying at Celtic.  I think we’ve missed out on that young MK Dons chap (I believe he’s gone to Leicester ?).  Which kinda leaves us with Jamie Cureton.  He’s keen on us, is playing on his previous ties with Peter Grant and had a good season last time around.  But at 31, he’s not got a lot of years left in him at our level.   Time is running out.  Pre-season is only a couple of weeks away.  I kinda feel we are running out of decent proven transfer targets up front.  God forbid we should now go and sell Robert Earnshaw late on.  We could be really struggling for goals next season and that concerns me … that’s without even looking at our defence !    
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