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  1. To be fair if that is your opinion, you are entitled to it, however you talk about Sinclair for ages to counteract my argument yet I never even mentioned him! I take your point money does dictate football a lot these days, but be realistic is Bertrand wages really going to be that astronomical. For goodness sake, Lukaka went on loan to West Brom, have I overlooked something or have they won the football lottery? Also, yes a very valid point Cole is getting on, but he is still England first choice Left back and arguably the best LB in the world still, is Bertrand going to replace him this season or even next and more to the point if Cole does leave then Chelsea may well bring in a marque signing to replace him. We can offer guaranteed regular football, week in week out. Blackburn are loaded, since when?!!! As far as I am aware if the many rumours are to believed quite to the contrary, they are in dire straights, so I will have to politely disagree with you that they wouldn''t accept an offer. I suppose the only comment in part that I agree with is about Will Hughes, but even then surely Norwich could get him on loan, you said this yourself?! You mention Olsson in a later post, but why on earth would we want a defender from a team who couldn''t stop leaking goals in the premier league and then the championship plus Blackburn are loaded, aren''t they? Why would they accept an offer? Callum McMannaman I totally agree with if Wigan go down, good player and eye for a goal, the only minor point for him was his horror tackle against Newcastle.        
  2. Great post and one we can realistically speculate on now. I think this is going to be a huge summer of transition with the list of ''out'' being potentially huge! I would let leave all of the above plus Surman, Fox, and even Johnson (however controversial that maybe). These are all good players, but to go to the next level it has to be a bit ruthless of who leaves in my opinion. I would bring in: - Craig Dawson: I think you need competition all over the squad and a young player like this would be great plus we always seem to have injuries at centre back in recent seasons - Bertrand: I think Garrido is a good squad player, but too inconsistent to command a regular starting place. Bertrand knows Norwich and clearly is a good footballer - Townsend: the only player from QPR apart from Remy to come out of QPR with any credit. Young, hungry and very talented - Will Hughes: the big clubs will be in for him I am sure, but we can offer him more regular football. An unbelievable talent - Rhodes: scores goals for fun, would make the step up in my opinion  The above would certainly cost a fair bit, but to crack on you have to spend and with a third season in the PL can we afford not to! All of the above players would be young, hungry, talented and add a lot of competition to the squad if not replace current first team members. In exchange we can offer first team football and ambition! This is all very championship manageresque, but the fact alone we can talk about these ''types'' of signings means its exciting times to be a Norwich fan providing we play in the ''Norwich'' (passing and attacking) way!!! 
  3. In response to some of the critcism Snodgrass seems to be getting, without being rude, this just baffles me! Arguably our POTS and in my opinion for POTS would run Bassong very close. Agreed that of recent his delivery should be better from set pieces, but since Hughton claimed he was one of the best in the division at this it seemed to give him the kiss of death thereafter (this does seem to of been purely a coincidence though), aside from this his first season in the Premier League has been top class. Good on the ball, willing to create, committed and probably has more assists and goals than anyone in the squad.  
  4. I very rarely post on this site, but I am a very keen reader of the many topics on here. It is the first time in an extremely long time I don''t feel optimistic about my beloved club staying up, but this is not down to the playing ability of the current squad, our financial limitations compared the monstrous budgets of Manchester United, Man City, Chelsea etc or the spirit within the current crops of players, but simply down to the management or more to the point lack of management of the club! I believe it would be an absolute disaster if we go down this season, not just because of the obvious enjoyment and pride of being a Premier League club, but because this is in my humble opinion the best squad we have had in years and without a doubt capable of staying in the Premier League. If you look at the starting eleven today, I would say up to 8 of them I would rather have than the Villa team and the vast majority of our squad our mid to bottom half Premiership quality players. This begs the questions why are we in free fall?!! To me the simple answer is the ultra defensive tactics, we set out to draw games, NEVER to win them and what happened today I am sad to say has been a disaster waiting! There has been so many signs of our ultra defensive tactics: - Two defensive midfielders all season - One striker - No players up when opposition has a corner, just comes straight back again - Bradley Johnson playing almost every game this season even when poor - Money only spent on defence - Full backs never overlapping - Lack of subs or squad rotation There is nothing wrong with being tight in defence, but as they say attack is the best form of defence and we simply have to throw everything (and the kitchen sink) at WBA next week or we are completely sunk! I really do believe it is too late to change the manager now, but the blame lays fully at Hughton''s door and IF we stay up then Hughton has to go regardless, it is the only way to move the club forward. What is everyone''s thoughts?  
  5. After attending the NCISA Meeting on Thursday, I would like to raise the following two issues of the rebate and a fan being appointed on the board. The Rebate The argument for returning the rebate was that if the club did not have this returned then there ''would be no transfer budget for Bryan Gunn and the club could face administration''. My believe is that the club would not face administration and the Board of Directors should have budgeted correctly, so that the manager has an adequate budget regardless of the rebate to be able to gain promotion from League 1, not just compete in it!  My opinion is that every supporter is of course entitled to give their rebate back if they wish to do so, but I personally will not as if you do I think this sends out a clear message to the board that the diar mess that we are in is acceptable.  A fan being appointed on the Board There is a fair argument that this can possibly be a good idea, however the reason I don''t think this will work is that if we currently have a Dictatorship at the football club who will not listen to 20,000 fans then why would that same Dictatorship then start listening to just 1 fan on the board? My opinion is that under the current leadership this will never work. To conclude the only way I can see this football club moving forward once again is for the current owners to drop their unrealistic and ridiculous asking price for NCFC for new owners to come in which I think will only happen through any form of serious and proffessional protest possible to get the current failed Board of Directors removed. Any responses would be very welcome.    
  6. Today, I thought was quite an assured, hard working and overall good performance, however (obvious maybe) I still think it is evident that unless we get two strikers urgently then we will be literally stuck in first gear all season and I cant understand how we haven''t even got one in! I fully accept that without Cullem''s cash we can''t splash 3-5 million out on a striker, but Roeder''s claims of frustration in this area seem completely unfounded to me, for instance why couldn''t we of competed with the likes of Coventry for Clinton Morrison, Watford for Rasiak or Bristol City for Nicky Maynard to name, but a few! (these may not all be target men, but do know where the back of the net is which is more than can be set than our current crop of strikers). If we do have our ''ambition with prudence'' philosophy then why don''t we bid for Cameron Jerome or David Nugent on loan, both I think would be good and affordable too. Elaborating on this issue, up front does seem a constant area of concern for us in recent seasons. We may have had the brilliance of Evans last season, the class of Ashton previously, the much more recent Dublin and Huckerby attacking threat, not to mention Earnshaws goal return the season before that, but what about the ones who seemingly got away, the likes of Healy who seemed inept in his short stay here and is now playing premiership football, Brown who looked totally useless for us and is now a fans favourite at PNE, Martin and at times Jarvis who have both had moments of quality (the former more than the latter) with one leaving because of incosistency and the other having to go out on loan to sort out his ''attitude''. To finish of the list of names: strikers such as Thorne, Cureton, Hayes, Lisbie, McVeigh, Strihavaka, McKensie, Neilson who all have had a goal scoring touch at some point in their career, but then totally lost it here, therefore surely is this not a coaching issue for why these players seeming lose the ability to score when at Carrow Road? To conclude it does seem that we have the makings of a good team who play neat and tidy and look defensively solid, although as the above states unless we get at least one striker in who will stay for a couple of seasons scoring for fun then unfortunately I feel thats all we will have is neat and tidy football instead of points on the board. Please discuss?
  7. We now have a new manager who I believe has already addressed a vital weakness that two of his predecessors didn''t do by bringing in a new centre back with immediate effect. However unfortunately being bottom of the league means that everyone should be held accountable, not just the previous manager. With this in mind the playing staff have been sub-standard this season and this need to be urgently looked into. It should not be overlooked that we do still have some very good players (Huckerby, Curenton, Dublin), but simply not enough and hopefully we do not have an attitude ''that we are too good to go down'' as this is sheer complacency. Concluding this I personally think we need a new right midfielder (neither Croft or Chadwick have been good enough), centre midfield and striker for competition and a left back for the injured Drury. Any opinions please?
  8. Marvin Elliot would probably make a good squad player which is after all what we need to a large extent, more stength in depth. I don''t know much about Elliot, but if he''s not motivated enough, but has the ability, he''s either at the wrong club or he is just lazy, either way if Grant feels he can get the best out of him, then at least we have a manager who has strong faith in his own ability.   My major concern with our transfer activity this summer is that we are going for a lot of League 1 players or below, for example Ostembor, Elliot, Woods, Simpson and no disrespect to any of these players, they might be very good, but players do tend to be League 1 or below for a reason.
  9. I have to admit I wasn''t overly sure Thorne was still here, but I did think that about Louis Jean for a long time last season (although he did have horendous injury problems). Thorne on the other hand hasn''t had this, has been rumoured to be on a lot of money and I think he has scored about 1 goal in about 40 odd games, therefore he should go as soon as a club will actually take him.
  10. As you may or may not know Bentley had pulled out of the England U21 Championships, now I personally think any player not representing there country for fatigure is not justified in doing so. My reasoning for this is that football is an extemely high paid sport and you are not constantly working long hours, thus footballers have a very privelaged lifestyle and should have plently of time to recover from fatigue. Upon this Bentley is under 21, not exactly at an age when he will get very tired, very quickly, therefore I can''t forsee how ''fatigue'' would be a problem. My conclusion is that for Bentley to turn his nose in what should be the highest accolade in any sport is an utter disgrace. Do any opinions greatly differ from this or does anyone think these are valid points?
  11. Cureton would being a terrific signing in my opinion: top scorer in the championship last season, loves Norwich, is already playing for one of the East Anglian clubs so wouldn''t have to relocate too far, the only downside for me is that I''m not sure he complement Earnie that well.
  12. Where we finish next season will all depend on who we buy, at the moment with our current squad I would predict we would probably finish about 17th. If we go down the route of buying players like Marshall, not Danny Coyne, Sharp not Simpson, we could in my opinion finish in the top six or at least challenge for the top six, but currently in my judgement it''s too early to predict where we will finish.
  13. I think to a certain degree, you are correct, I can''t forsee any reason why Billy Sharp wouldn''t discuss the possibility of a move with us. However the only statement that I have seen from Sharp about all the speculation is from http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1786_2162723,00.html stating that: "I have had enough about all the talk to be honest." and "It is great other clubs are interested and if the right club comes in I would like to speak to them".
  14. I do essentially agree that we do need to spend money on other areas, but if (and it is a bif if) Earnshaw goes then it is pleasing that we are going for a player of Sharpe''s quality even if he is unprooven at this level. I would also add that we seem to have a ''Real Madrid'' philosophy about this league (i.e. go for striker after striker) and forget that if for instance we get an injury to either Shackell or Dublin (a striker by trade and a player who won''t be able to play 46 games) we will in my opinion be incredibly short on figures unless Spillane (a player who''s only played in midfield so far under Grant) turns out to be a superstar!!!!. In my opinion until we realize this we could find real difficuilty in getting a top six finish, barring barely any injuries for the duration of the season.
  15. Reading through this article, It does puzzle me how a player who has been well known as a right winger or a centre midfielder in his career in Steve Stone is seen to solve our right back problems sort of sums up the article. Again the only players I wouldn''t mind is Liam Miller who''s probably out of our reach and Koumas who''s tempermant is questionable.  
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