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  1. the stump


    not worth 3 million but worth a bid the guy chases and doesnt give defenders anytime i personally would like to see him

    here his goal scoring record this season has been great albeit at a lower level.although i think we maybe one of many interested teams.

  2. good player i rate him highly but i think craig mackail smith would be a better buy if the moneys right

  3. the stump

    Jay Bothroyd anybody???

    not for me thanx seems to play when it suits him
  4. the stump

    The more I see of Long..

    i agree long looks a quality player heading for the premiership with or without reading love to have him here
  5. the stump

    David Marshall

    i agree with women in the stands he couldnt wait to get away from the club after the charlton game he wasnt interested at all.
  6. the stump


    i assume this is the same guy who tried to kill wes hoolahan at col utds ground last season with a karate kick and also said he would never

    play for norwich city.if so he must of changed his mind welcome aboard marc tierney

  7. the stump

    who's going to the orient game?

    iam going i will look foward to it just as i do  any other game
  8. the stump

    R. Martin

    i agree with you credit to the staff and the player himself
  9. the stump

    A letter of disappointment for Hoolahan

    only when finances allow it which at the mo isnt very often unfortunatly but are home  season ticket holders .
  10. the stump

    A letter of disappointment for Hoolahan

    add me to the newton canaries club
  11. the stump

    Best memory from 2010?

    winning 5 0 at col utd was my best memory great atmosphere the look on their fans faces and watching the col utd fan getting onto pitch

    when we went 3 0 up just to see him getting rugby tackled by the stewards soooooooooo funny

  12. the stump

    Good Luck Smudger

    good luck hope it goes well you are doing a great thing
  13. we would of won if frazer forster was still here
  14. warnock for me dont really like the guy but iam fairly sure he will get qpr promoted this season.
  15. the stump

    Russell Martin

    he does seem to be improving yes distribution not that good though