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  1. Hi,

    Lookin to get back in to footie training and maybe the chance to get in to team for sunday league game in lowestoft or beccles area any thing available?
  2. .takecare.

    Leroy Fer decision by friday

    Why dont u all shut up and wait. F**k sake.
  3. .takecare.

    If John Ruddy goes...

    Nah m8 he avin a medikal now init.
  4. .takecare.

    Phew! Agent Jewell is staying

    your wish came true!
  5. .takecare.

    Fulham away

    Sat row A there last season mate was fine :)
  6. .takecare.

    CH has left the building

    Big Steelers Fan! Good to kno theres others on here with a love for NFL :)
  7. .takecare.

    NOTHING. Re. Culverhouse.

    Any one else think he looked disheartened? Uncomfortable and seemed to dwell on answers when asked about norwich. Didnt seem like he felt very confident. His reply on holt seemed to ring a bell that he might be back in for some of our boys....
  8. Do you think we will get a confrence today revealing him????? That will be an interesting confrence if so....
  9. .takecare.

    Arsenal Tickets...

    Sorry ive emailed you instead. thanks.
  10. .takecare.

    Arsenal Tickets...

    Ive Private messeged you on here please check :)
  11. .takecare.

    Arsenal ballot in Group 3

    Anyone heard anything on this? When will we know by?
  12. .takecare.

    Henri Lansbury Wonder GOAL!!!

    Henri lansbury scored for england u21''s amazing. pure class.

  13. .takecare.

    Holty's twitter pic :)

    Pretty BEAST ;)
  14. A bunch of us were contemplating this today. Mine are QPR and Fulham...
  15. Anyone kno what the club are like with refunds or

    changing seats? Got mine under my ST but wish to sit with my friend now?