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  1. The play offs are quite exciting, but they haven't given me a semi yet.
  2. Yeah, Carlton Morris with a total of 10 mins in our first team and a career record of 19 goals in 130 odd games is bound to be a better player than a fella who has played 20 internal matches (including at two World Cup finals) and in the Champions League. That makes sense...
  3. Clearly you are too young to remember the legend that was Dean Coney. His **** actually scored more goals than his feet.
  4. Great striker back in the day with a cracking eye for goal. Also made Rosario look halfway useful when they played alongside each other and boy, was that a tough ask.
  5. To be fair he was up against some bloody strong opposition on that front.
  6. To be fair there was a period when my Nan looked a better option than Pukki. It was tempting to look for a shovel and give her a go.
  7. Another star for the shirt to impress and intimidate the likes of Fleetwood, Rochdale and Bury with next season...
  8. The EFL surely have to call a Steward's Enquiry into this Ipswich performance. They cannot possibly be this bad can they?
  9. Hardly going to get too excited at this guy - he is a ''rock'' in a Barnsley defence that has conceded 39 goals in 26 games this season. Can anyone think of another team who can boast exactly the same lack of defensive ability by any chance?
  10. [quote user="Ches right hand man "]http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b0140b41/?t=16m42s[/quote]Thank you - made my morning that
  11. Thanks for the update - have been missing making my weekly pick.
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