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  1. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Angus MacDonald

    Hardly going to get too excited at this guy - he is a ''rock'' in a Barnsley defence that has conceded 39 goals in 26 games this season. Can anyone think of another team who can boast exactly the same lack of defensive ability by any chance?

  2. Ivana_rubyatitz


    Utterly clueless
  3. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Word Association

  4. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Word Association

  5. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Posh v scum skysports 2

    [quote user="Ches right hand man "]http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b0140b41/?t=16m42s[/quote]Thank you - made my morning that
  6. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Rays Funds for FONCY 2011/12

    Thanks for the update - have been missing making my weekly pick.
  7. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Word Association

    [and] Castle
  8. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Word Association

    As we are now allowed to resurrect old faves I think this one deserves to return. [:)]

    To kick us off then:


  9. Interesting that we now like Savage because he tips us to survive, yet we hate Merson because he thinks we wont.

    At the end of the day they both base their opinion on not very much evidence.

  10. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Successive promotions!!

    Southampton have the same powerful combination we had - a good squad that has been improved further and momentum. That is a massive boost and should see them there or thereabouts come May.
  11. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Cheers SDP!

    Not a fan then Jas!
  12. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Cheers SDP!

    [quote user="Woman in the Stands WITS"]Will we be getting the silly games back ( as asked above) please? Such as Word Association[/quote]Was wondering the same thing...
  13. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Cheers SDP!

    Great to have it back, albeit in a slightly new format
  14. Ivana_rubyatitz

    The gulf widens...

    It is cruel to take pleasure in the suffering of others, but what the hell. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Getting it right.

    [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="The Original Pboro_Canary"]If you think BBB is such a troll Lap, why do you insist on immediately replying to his every post? I genuinely don''t understand - isn''t the best response to a troll to give no response?

    [/quote]You''re perfectly correct in what you say Pboro and I know I shouldn''t. However, in the same way that you have responded to something you see as wrong, I also can''t stop myself replying to posts I see as wrong. As I see it, Beauseant is trying to steer NCISA away from being confrontational and concentrarating on the social side for his members, and yet Bly is still calling them a "pressure group".

    Damn, I just can''t stop myself!  [;)]

    Fair enough. One love to the both of you! [:)]