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  1. I know its all hindsight and pie in the sky!..But where would be if we went ANOTHER season without losing two games in a row.....Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end at the thought...Any mathmaticians and analysts amosts us?.....
  2. Thanks very much!!........I so want to do a spoof reply......It just being able to keep a straight face while i did it..hehe
  3. He says its been reposted.......Anyone know where to find it now?......
  4. [quote user="smiley"]Maybe lambert is trying to see how much the board trust him, and trying to get a bit more transfer cash.[/quote] I think abit of this and a bit of him trying to improve his own deal?.....Hes in the best postion to do that right now.hes holding all the cards especially with the pot of gold and a return to the promised land at stake.....Just a theory..But i cant see anything else why he would go at this precise moment in time.
  5. Maybe hes using Burnleys approach as a bargaining stick for an improved contract...Im sure thats how it works.....The guy''s worked miracles and maybe he cant say anything more till they discussed his position and what hes asking for?....Remember a recent Mr Rooney debacle recently?.....
  6. City Angel...A question if you was a defender and had Hucks running at you how would you stop him going down in your box?....
  7. Im having my neighbour!!.And damn tasty she is too!
  8. http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich_legend_drinkell_s_old_farm_regret_1_737744 I always thought it was the old FIRM derby?......Without total abuse please can you tell me what is correct and why is it called this?......Thanks
  9. A great number of the tickest have been given away to local football clubs!!..So not much revenue
  10. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please?.......Im looking for a thread i have seen recently where message board peeps have forecast what they  think we were going to do over the next few games.....I cant find it again anywhere.....I expect i will get ripped to shreds for asking by some people.But hey ho!! that aint gonna change my life... Thanks for your help if you can!!
  11. Hi it might say on the club website?.Hope that helps
  12. Leon Mckenzie signs for Northampton....[:)]
  13. Mind you i thought Rose was the mutts nuts after his debut wonder goal.....Just goes to show doesnt it?
  14. Norwich are on the left if your looking from where Pauls looking.......[;)]
  15. I maybe wrong......... But i remember Theo only having one off game.....[;)].......
  16. And im not a smoker but im sure your still allowed to smoke in public outside places?....I maybe wrong.. But it didnt have a roof definetely..
  17. And my point about the P.A system not audible?....Or has that got to be PUT up with too?....
  18. I went!!..Got wet on the open stand!!.. The atmosphere was great though..Disgusting atiquated toilets and facilites!...The P.A system wasnt working for the open stand.So therefore health and saftey states game shouldnt have been able to have gone ahead....When i pointed this out i got shoulders shrugged at me...Thankgod nothing happened cos we wouldnt have heard any message clearly....Gripe over!! bring on Leeds!!
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