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  1. 1. Agree 2. Agree 3. Agree 4. Agree 5. Agree 6. Agree 7. Russell Martin is now a better centre half than a full back which poses a problem in what to do when Mad Mark is fit! 8. We''re still missing a combative central midfielder in the Etuhu, Francis mould to break the play and push on, don''t think Bradley Johnsion is up to the role! 9. At times in the game it was a little reminiscent of the Arsenal game where we looked star struck, we''ve deserved the right to be here so no fear is the key! 10. Lambert out foxed AVB in tactics and mind games and is therefore the one on the up! 11. That was the point that we deserved at the Bridge! Yarmy!!
  2. 16 of us going on a mini bus from Beccles, would be fantastic to fill the away end.
  3. Ok guys been offered a 16 seater Mercedes minibus for £30 a head if we get the full quota from Norwich! If interested please contact me on here or via twitter @Dapboy ASAP on a first come basis!
  4. City Angel, not planning on organising a 52 seater, only a 12 seater as makes me sad that we may have to resort to Club Canary!
  5. Hi guys, have emailed two coach companies today and am currently obtaining prices, departure will be from Norwich if ok as will be more central? Will keep you all up to date when I know. Many thanks Mark.
  6. My mate and I are thinking of trying to organise a mini bus to Wigan and would like to know if anyone else would be interested so we can get an idea on numbers etc. You can reply on here or follow me on Twitter @Dapboy. Many thanks.
  7. My friend and I will be up for a mini bus etc, you can find me on Twitter @Dapboy . Many thanks.
  8. A quality post and you have nailed my exact thoughts the1englishman.All Lambert had to do was to reasure the masses but all we got was a man who has decided to sit firmly on the fence.I was thinking about this situation last night whilst on a nightshift, i have always found it strange that Lambert has never set down his roots in the county and bought somewhere as i am led to believe he is still at Dunston Hall living out of a suitcase!As much as i love the guy for what he has done he has never previously shown any former employers any loyalty and respect so why should we be any different?I think were mearly a stepping stone and a meal ticket to bigger and better things!I honestly thought he would look at the bigger picture and wait to see how far he could take us without jumping ship as i firmly believe he would have had a far better proposition than Burnley given time!!Anyhow thanks for the memories Paul and you will never know how big you could have made the yellow army!!
  9. I got slated for stating that Ruddy was at best second rate and tonight''s performance doesn''t do anything to change my mind!!How long do we give the guy?
  10. Can you guys still defend Ruddy tonight after another woeful showing?This guy is second rate at best and i along with many thousands of others feel extremly nervous everytime the lad gets the ball!!!Go all out for FF or rudd needs game time asap!!!!
  11. need i say anymore after tonights performance?This guy will cost us a lot of points this season!!!I am now prepared for another torrent of abuse!!!
  12. I have to say i am shocked and disgusted by some of my fellow city fans reactions today after posting a message about my assumptions on our new number one!!I believe it is called freedom off speech you c**k!!!
  13. scrimmage, have you ever heard of posting on a message board via a mobile phone???Believe it or not we are in the 21st century!!!!!!
  14. Thanks Yellow Wall for your brutal attack!I have followed city for 22 years and have been a season ticket holder for many of those so i think you will agree i have every right to my opinions and i do say what i see without being obnoxious!!
  15. Yes guys i was at the game and i am all for giving people a fair crack of the wip but FF was a huge presence and a great talker and i felt that Ruddy didn''t communicate that well and for a guy of his size he should have done so much more to have stopped the fourth goal.It is merely a point and were all entitled to our opinions!!P.S i will love to be proved wrong on the lad!!!
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